Kawaga is a place for kids to be kids. Being Kawaga is a way of life that extends beyond the weeks at camp and can only be experienced from a summer on The Shores.
Kawaga Philosophy


As our founder stated, “The overarching mission of Camp Kawaga is character building. Fun, yes but always with the thought in mind of its final effect on the boy.” We still maintain this mission today by living our values and living up to The Kawaga Ideal.

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Leadership Team

Meet our team of leaders who work together to ensure that the safety, well-being, and experience of camp are best-in-class.

Meet The Team

Meet our Directors - Ty and Lauren

Be yourself. Be your best. Be Kawaga!

Camp Life

There is no better feeling than being at Kawaga. Surrounded by boundless beauty and 100 plus years of tradition, there is a sacred vibe. The day-to-day life of a Kawaga camper is action packed with competitive sports, top-notch instruction and loads of fun. But it is the people who make the lasting impacts, friendships and experiences our boys remember forever.

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Kawaga’s facilities are second to none. Set on a peninsula it is a nature-filled sanctuary with plush grass, deep forests, quality equipment, and courts. It remains rustic, yet comfortable and our physical layout supports our culture of a connected camp family.

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Mess Hall

Be yourself. Be your best. Be Kawaga!

Kawaga Heritage


Kawaga was one of the first 25 camps founded in the country. Founded in 1915, the history of Kawaga is deep and traditions are sacred, meaningful,  and still relevant to the youth of today.

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Camp Kawaga is a proud supporter of SCOPE, an amazing Non-Profit that helps economically disadvantaged boys and girls all over the country experience the gift of overnight camping.

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