boy tennis


PARENTS are saying:

“Great summer. My sons loved it. The staff is great and their love of camp shows through. The Kawaga Ideal says it all. The camp is not all about competition and winning – it is about learning how to cope with victory and defeat and have fun no matter what. Keep up the good work!”

“The Kawaga Staff did a FANTASTIC job making our first time camper feel part of the family!”

“I am so happy that my son learned so many activities and made so many friends. He cannot stop talking about Kawaga.”

“Our son feels very happy, comfortable and safe at camp and that’s most important to us. He had a summer of growth and loves having Kawaga as part of his life.”

“My son had a great summer and I mean GREAT! Loved the camp, the new friends and the traditions of your camp.”

“Your evening programs and special programming were fantastic! A big part of what I think makes Kawaga so unique and special is the diversity of activities and programs. There truly is something for everyone, and I love how the boys are encouraged to try and do things that are not necessarily in their comfort zone. I also love the size of the camp and that my son really knows everybody by name. Keep up the good work!”

Campers are saying:

“I became closer with a group of people more than I ever have in my entire life.”

In response to being asked will you return next summer, camper Nathan said, “I’d go back for fall session, winter session, spring sessions.” To quote Nathan coming off the bus, “It’s going to be 10 months of misery until I can go back to Kawaga!!”

“It is a fun camp, everyone there was nice. It was fun making Mawanda and Sachem, and I like being able to go around to activities and do what I liked to do during open areas.”

“Memories created and the friends you make and the activities you do is one of a kind. I Love KAWAGA!!!!!!!”

“I love waterskiing and the Spectacular is always fun. The BG Cup was an absolute blast and E.P.s were over the top (perfect!!)!!”