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Dates & Rates

2018 Dates & Rates

Below you will find all of the information for our 2018 Camping Season. Registration remains open for all sessions.

Camp Kawaga’s Rookie Camp is available only for first-time campers ages 10 and under. Rookie Camp has been a great success and we will continue to provide the program both Sessions.  However, for those signing up for the 1 week program, please note that for coming home, Kawaga will not be able to provide transportation home – it will be pick up only.

                    Session                Dates            Rates                       Enrollment Notes
Eight Weeks June 18 – August 10 $ 9,100(Check)/$9,400(Card)* Enrollment open 
 First Session June 18 – July 13 $ 5,800(Check),$6,000(Card)* Enrollment open 
Second Session July 15 – August 10 $ 5,800(Check),$6,000(Card)* Enrollment open
2-Week Rookie Camp June 18 – July 1 $ 3,000(Check),$3,100(Card)* Enrollment open

* Tuition includes Canteen. There is no separate Canteen charge. The 2018 Rate includes all fees for camp (except transportation, shipping of bags, and personal expenses described below). Tuition, canteen, food, weekly laundry, Annual Pineneedle, photograph book, daily snacks and Hydration Station, incidental expenses (such as extra stamps, a new toothbrush, or batteries), special event t-shirts are all included.

All families that pay in full by Nov. 1st will receive tuition credit of $500 off (8wks) and $250 (4wks). 

Additional Charges

As noted above, there is no canteen or additional charges. The tuition rate includes all fees and charges except transportation and (possible) personal charges listed below.

  • Bus transportation: $110 each way (no transportation charge if camper flies to camp).
  • Tuition payment (other than the initial deposit) made by credit card is assessed a one-time $115 fee; tuition by e-check (direct debit from bank account) is charged a one-time $35 fee.
  • Medical prescriptions, birthday parties and other individual specific charges are billed additionally.
  • Note: Kawaga gear is not included as part of tuition and may be purchased separately at


  • Families must complete the online application and remit $1,000 deposit per camper at time of enrollment.
  • Rookie Camp is for first-time campers, age 6-10. Rookies may attend for either one or two weeks. If Rookies attend for one week, the following summer they must attend for two weeks or a full session (four or eight weeks). If they attend for two weeks, they must attend the following summer for a full session.


  • Brother Discount: $200 per brother per 4-week session, $400 per brother for 8 weeks (no brother discount for Rookie Camp).


Camp Kawaga has long understood that our best marketing is through our current and valued camp families. Here is our Referral Program for 2017.

  • $300 tuition credit for referring a new 8-week camper
  • $200 tuition credit for referring a 4-week camper
  • $100 tuition credit for referring a Rookie camper
  • $200 tuition credit for hosting new families for a “group home visit” (this credit is simply our “thank you” for hosting a Kawaga presentation by Ty and Lauren for 2 or more new  families, regardless if any of the families enroll their sons).

What is the Camp’s refund policy?

Because we are filling beds quickly have a waitlist as early as December, and therefore possibly turning away interested campers we provide the following refund policy:

  • Prior to December 1, any cancellations receive a full refund minus a $300 accounting fee for the registration process.
  • After December 1st  there is a $2,000 charge for cancellations.
  • After February 1st, there are no tuition refunds.