Ty’s Take

Hello from the Shores, Kawaga Family!

HOLY COW.  What a fast (almost) three weeks! I can’t remember a summer that has gotten off to such an incredible start and continued to pick up speed every day.

Parents, I’ve gotta tell you — it all really starts with the staff. And, I’m so proud to let you know that we have an amazing group of counselors this summer, who are dedicated to giving your sons the best summer of their lives. I couldn’t be more pleased.

After an exceptional “pre-camp” of training and hard work getting camp ready for your sons, our staff didn’t miss a beat getting back to why they’re here: the campers! They care for each and every one of our boys with all their hearts and all their energy, while teaching them some of life’s most important lessons at our beautiful, special “home away from home.”

With nearly 90% of our counselors returning, it’s no surprise that we hit the ground running and have been keeping the campers moving, shaking, laughing, and learning from Day One.    

And, yes we’ve been extraordinarily blessed with at least two things so far this summer:

  • First. The weather has been absolutely perfect! There’s been no shortage of sunshine and sunblock. The lake is warm yet refreshing. The boys are having a total blast in the water — enjoying a new slide at the waterfront, and of course, swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding, sailing, and waterskiing. We now have four ski boats in the Kawaga fleet and a new dock! And, our staff that has set a goal of 100 “miracles” (water-ski accomplishments) for this summer. I’m happy to report we are on pace to exceed that goal, with 30 miracles to date!
  • Second. Dane is enjoying his second week of life and his second week at Camp Kawaga! The outpouring of love we’ve received from all of you is beyond heartwarming. And, please know that your boys are simply amazing! They just can’t get enough of Dane, who certainly has found his role at camp in getting campers to smile and sigh. Lauren and I couldn’t be happier that Dane decided to make his world debut on the Shores, as I’m guessing you can tell from the photo above. Pure happiness!

We’re thrilled that our CITs enjoyed an outstanding trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, which is an annual rite of passage for boys in their final summer as campers. The Chips (our youngest guys) enjoyed a trip to Baker Lake, and the Mohawks had a great time camping at Clear Lake. Over the last two years we’ve invested in creating a more refined wilderness program, instilling many of the “Leave No Trace” principles.

So, let me end this version of “Ty’s Take” with just one simple but all-too-true insight: The days here at camp are thankfully long, allowing us to pack in endless activities as well as those quiet moments that mean so much. But, the weeks are way too short.

We’re determined to make every moment count.

Be Kawaga,