Ty’s Take – Playing Hard and Feeling Free

As a parent myself of a camper, what I most want to hear from the Director is that my child is happy and having fun. Please be assured of that… and much more.

As we begin another glorious summer on the Shores, the air is alive with the joyous sounds of in-the-moment free play. The first few days here have been a whirlwind of activity—boys running, swimming, competing, and cheering with enthusiasm.

What strikes me most is the sight of these boys, liberated from their devices, screens, and the pressures of everyday life at home. Here, they are free to be goofy, to engage in in-cabin banter that defines the essence of camp camaraderie. It’s refreshing to witness their laughter, and their playful antics, as they immerse themselves in the simple pleasures of being here at Kawaga.

Yet, amidst the boundless energy and excitement, there’s a subtle reminder of the transition from home to camp life. Some campers are feeling the effects of a much more active lifestyle, with muscles protesting from the sudden surge of physical activity. It’s a valuable lesson in listening to their bodies and knowing when to rest and recuperate (with plenty of guidance, of course, from their counselors and directors). A sunny-filled Sunday and late sleep were just what the doctor ordered.
But amid the sore muscles, there is a palpable sense of peace and anticipation for the days ahead. The freedom they experience here, away from the hustle and bustle of their hectic home lives, fosters a sense of tranquility and eagerness for new adventures.

As we navigate these early days of Kawaga’s 110th summer, I’m reminded of the profound impact of unplugging and embracing the simplicity of life outdoors. It’s not just about the activities or the competitions—it’s about the connections forged, the memories made, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

Here’s to more days of laughter, fellowship, and the timeless magic of camp. And, we’re just getting started…
Be in the moment. Be fully here. Be ready… and Be Kawaga!

Ty and Lauren