Ty’s Take

Hello Kawaga Families,

We’ve had another amazing week of camp — full of special events and plenty of special moments, while also enjoying our regular programming.

As Lauren wrote you earlier this week, camp’s energy level has reached an all-new high. Everybody is in sync, as the weeks are moving all too quickly. ( Fortunately, the days are long and full!)

This all has to do with the incredible men and women who take care of our campers everyday. Our staff has an innate spirit and drive to continue to push us all to new levels, all while being such amazing teachers for our campers. Our staff’s attentiveness, role modeling, and care for each and every camper is a source of personal pride. Their spirit is the heartbeat of camp, and each individual is a difference maker. What we have continually seen this summer is counselors going above and beyond! That’s the Kawaga way.

Every day our counselors demonstrate their drive — whether it’s to teach a boy to ski, ride a trail bike, build a fire in the rain, or just be there for the boys when they need somebody. Countless acts of kindness make me proud of each and every one of these staff members. From our chefs and facilities and admin staff to our cabin counselors, we have come together as a team to create a summer for the ages.

Lauren wrote in her recent message how she’s amazed that — even after all these years — we continue to innovate at Camp Kawaga. A recent example of new programming is woodworking; our instructors are teaching boys about how wood is so vital to our lives, instilling in them a growing appreciation of this medium. The boys  are making beautiful projects all around camp from benches to bird houses — all from wood that came from Kawaga’s trees!

Our sailing program, which has a deep heritage, continues to grow. Experienced staff teach beginners and advanced campers alike, all under the tutelage of our third-year sailing director Paddy Cameron. We’ve purchased several new boats including the “Goody, Goody,” the largest of our fleet, which provides a new experience for five to six campers to sail together on Lake Kawaguesaga.  

With two weeks left to go and a couple of rainy days safely behind us, we are poised to continue what’s turning out be the summer of a lifetime on the Shores. So, thank you, Kawaga Staff!

Now that I’ve written this, I want to run out and thank our counselors in person! So, let me end this “Ty’s Take,” by saying thank you, parents, for allowing your sons to be part of this amazing summer.

Be Kawaga,