Ty’s Take

Hello Kawaga Family,

Wow, wow, wow! I feel equal parts exhausted, exhilarated, energized, and — as always — enthusiastic.

So, I want to get off a “Ty’s Take” right away, as I’m finding a rare spare moment amidst all that’s going on today. So, here we are, approaching the midpoint of the summer somehow already.

Just two days ago we completed the Spectacular in, well, spectacular fashion.  I want to share with you a moment that struck me as pure Kawaga — unscripted and unexpected. After three days of competition during which these boys played so hard for every point — putting in maximum effort to win, no matter the score or the standings, they all came together around one table at the last dinner.  

What transpired next was a powerful example of Kawaga Spirit. Every single camper huddled around the CITs, and without any planning or warning, they broke out Kawaga Karaoke for 30 minutes straight! They sang songs of all types — from oldies and new pop songs to the very appropriate finale “Now Camping Men.” It is uniquely Kawaga that after three days of digging and reaching for every point they can grab, when it was all coming to an end, there they were arm in arm as one family.  

Today, we say “so long” to our first-session campers and “hello” to parents and other visitors. So, we feel equal parts sad and grateful. What a four weeks we’ve had, and we we look forward to these first-session campers joining us back on the Shores next summer. We’re grateful for all that these four weeks have given us — the fun, the laughter, shared lessons, and, of course, fellowship.

We also know our boys are excited to see their families. And — for those whose parents will be joining us this weekend at camp — they’re looking forward to showing their parents around Kawaga. We’re excited for you to see your boys within the context of camp, with their friends and counselors, participating in activities in our special setting where magic happens every day.

We’ve experienced so much growth this summer — watching our boys develop in so many ways. Somehow, Kawaga continues to attract the nicest boys, year after year, decade after decade.

Well, I hear my name being called. So, I better run. But, I’m glad I was able to get this “Ty’s Take” off, so I can thank all of you for what you give us — support, trust, and friendship.

Be Kawaga,