Summer is Coming…

Summer is coming… It’s happening again. That feeling of camp drawing near and winter starting to show signs of weakening. Spring is in the air even though there is still 2 feet of snow on the tennis courts. The trees are budding and thirsty for more sunshine and the eagles have returned. The cabins are starting to shed their coat of snow, the lake still hosts a few fishing holes but fewer snowmobiles. Soon the ice will break, and boats will be back in the water. Summer 2018 is close and there is excitement around what we are building at Kawaga.

In February I was at the American Camp Association National Convention held in Orlando. It was inspiring, educational, and really got me fired up about this summer. The actions already being taken by our staff this offseason is a testament to their passion to making this summer the best yet. We appreciate all our counselors hard work and it is more than just their summer job. Each of them knows and appreciate the power, influence, and opportunity they have each summer. We are humbled to hear so many stories this offseason of how impressed you have been with our staff at Kawaga over the years. They are truly the heartbeat of camp and the collaboration of previous and current staff creates the consistency of the results we hope you see in your son’s growth.

Thank you again for your continued support and investment of your boy’s development. Thank you for entrusting us to build the type of men we need in our country’s future. We understand the significance and importance of this responsibility to grow the future leaders of our world. It means more now than ever before. We are preparing hard every day to make that vision a reality at Kawaga every summer.