Staff Notes Week 1

The first week of the 2017 camping season has come to a close and we want to begin to share with you thoughts and observations along the way.  As we continue on this adventure as directors of Camp Kawaga we will share insight on what the boys are up to and a few quotes.

These blog posts will be called “Reflections from the Shores”.  At times they will be brief and times they will have more detailed summaries of activities and accomplishments.  We stressed to our staff at precamp, communication is vital to the success of any organization and this is just another vehicle we will use to keep you updated on the daily activities around camp this summer.

The first week of camp has been a whirlwind of activity.  Through rain and shine we have kept the boys out and about enjoying the northwoods.  Clubs have included biking, sailing, swimming for the Mohawks, outdoor adventure, waterskiing, tennis, basketball, target sports and more.  All the seniors were out on D2 for Senior Softball practice and will be putting up a good fight vs the counselors on the 4th of July.  All around a great week of clubs with top notch instruction and teaching moments.

Evening programs were a huge hit this week with great variety.  The standard capture the flag night 1, Human Stratego, Counselor Show #1, our first Social with Agawak on Saturday night and last night the first small pow wow of the summer.  Sunday nights are a special time at Kawaga and we pride ourselves in providing the space for the boys to reflect on the week they had, the week that is upcoming and reminding them of the gifts they have received from their parents to be at camp.  Some of their comments are well beyond their years and below are a few quotes from last nights pow wow.

  • “It feels great to be back at camp and it reminds me of the memories I have created the last 2 years, and gets me excited to create some new ones with all of you.”

-Sioux camper 11yr old.

  • “It is important to be respectful of others and try hard in activities, and also cheer in the messhall.””

-Chippewa camper 9yr old

  • “Your actions at camp and in life have real consequences and you need to be respectful of your counselors and each other.  And refs of games too.  They are not professionals.”

-Mohawk camper 13yr old

  • At Kawaga you have a great opportunity to get closer with friends you meet here before, and also meet new friends, but also just to come closer to other human beings and other learn from the counselors.  That is what I am excited for do this year.

Oneida camper 14yr old

The boys are off to a great start and this week we will be sending out several groups out on trips.  Starting with our CIT’s who left this morning for their Boundary Waters Canoe Area trip.  The Chips leave later today for a quick one nighter and group 1 will be out for a couple days as well.

Keep checking back for more posts and Reflections From The Shores to come soon.  Have a great week!  I know we will!