Reflections From The Shores Lauren Simpson

The energy this session has been abundant, with vibrant personalities, and lifelong bonds. With one week left and the blue gold competition underway I know it’s going to move too quickly.  I find myself realizing that I’m experiencing a couple of lasts for my first summer up at camp. My last Saturday service, my last outdoor meal, my last small power, my last Sunday sleep in! What started only seven weeks ago has already become such a large part of my and my family’s life.  I am beyond fortunate to be experiencing the summer with them and all of your sons.

It’s hard to imagine that there is a world outside of Kawaga bubble and that we will soon have to begin the countdown of months/weeks/days until we get to return to the shores.  I plan to embrace all of these last times for my first summer in the North Woods.  Watch every sunrise (my kids wake up very early!), every sunset, cheer on both teams, and share moments with the campers that will forever be part of who I am!!