Reach into the future…

Dear Kawaga Family,

As we approach our 103rd summer and as we pass the torch to our new Directors, Ty and Lauren Simpson, we wanted to share a few thoughts and updates with you.

Thank you

Over the past 6 weeks we’ve heard, directly and indirectly, from many campers, staff, families, and alumni. What consistently shines through is your love for Camp Kawaga; your desire to preserve what makes it special; and your hopes for it to be even better in the years ahead.  What a tremendous foundation and spirit for us to build upon, together with all of you.

New Leadership

Ty and Lauren are off to a strong start.  Kids and adults alike comment on their positive energy, welcoming and caring manner, coaching and teaching mindset, and their natural leadership style.  The Simpsons have already hosted fun gatherings in Chicago, the North Shore Suburbs and Cincinnati, visited with dozens of camp families in their homes, and have engaged in hundreds of phone calls, texts, and email exchanges with members of the Kawaga Nation . . . all with an eye toward making the summer of 2017, the best so far.


We can’t wait for you to see the transformation in the heart of the Camp. You’ll be greeted by a beautiful, more spacious, and more functional Mess Hall; a bigger and way-cooler Omni Sports Court; and, a revitalized and more versatile Diamond 1.  And yet, it all still feels like Camp Kawaga . . . intimate and full of tradition.

“Never Forget the Past”

Even as things change, what endures is our unwavering commitment to help develop boys into competent, confident, and compassionate young men. This is the vision of Camp’s founder, “Doc E”, as captured in the Kawaga Ideal. And, it is our intention to help steward this legacy for generations to come.

Ty and Lauren will be in touch with you later this week, and frequently thereafter, with exciting news about staff, programing, and other important information for this summer.  In the meantime, Happy Passover….Thank You…..and,

“As God gave us the fire, so gave he us the warmth of friendship”

The Fisher and Daube Families.