Lauren’s Letter Week 4 – 2022

It’s always an interesting time of the camping season when first session is coming to a close. We’re at the halfway point for some of our campers – they are on an upward trajectory and have half of their time left at camp for the 2022 season. Some of our campers are getting ready to head home. They’ve completed their summer at Kawaga – lessons learned, goals accomplished, friendships made. And we have our campers that have not yet started their session. They come with a fresh mindset, new energy, and large aspirations. As I get ready to say goodbye to our first session campers – it seems like a lifetime of memories have already been made, I quickly flip to the idea that half of our campers haven’t started their journey this year.

Looking back at first session, I am amazed with how our new campers have seamlessly become a part of the Kawaga family. Faces that were new just weeks ago are now a part of inside jokes, know the lingo like D2 and Stadium Court, and know where to go based on the music played over the PA system. Campers know 10 new fight songs from the last few days of the 39th Spectacular, have competed against Red Arrow, socialized with Camp Chippewa, and bonded over bay swims and waterski miracles. Stories will be told and retold that start with “during first session in 2022…” and anyone that was there will be instantly transported back to the way they felt at that exact moment. There is a shared bond that you get when being at camp with your best friends that is unique to each session and each season.

Now we’re busy getting ready for second session and our first parents weekend in three years. Many of our camp families have never been to the shores and will be joining us for their first time. They have all heard countless stories from their boys (some more than others!), seen pictures, and reflected with the weekly emails of camp tales, but finally get to see if for themselves. We are thrilled to share our beautiful campgrounds with our parents and help them see the magic of Kawaga through their sons’ eyes. Families will get to experience a Saturday service, utilize Open Area time to swim, ski, and visit all areas of our camp. Parents will get to enjoy our amazing Mess Hall, and disconnect from life outside of the Kawaga bubble. We are so excited to share our world with our campers’ families and help them see all the things that make Kawaga so special.

While we are so sad to send off our first session campers, we are grateful for the time we had with them. To our eight week campers – we can’t wait to welcome your families and continue this summer’s journey with you. Finally to our second session campers- we are so excited to welcome you in just a few days and get your 2022 summer started. You will soon be welcomed as part of the Kawaga family.