Director’s Message

Directors Message


Hello Kawaga Nation!

What an honor to be addressing you in our new role.  Lauren and I are thrilled to be the Directors of Camp Kawaga. We want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and share a little of who we are. (Check out this intro video, so you can meet Shay and Vaughn, too!)

First, we want you to know how deeply we care about creating great memories for your son. And, although fun will always be front and center, our primary responsibility as directors is to ensure that each camper is safe and looked after both on and off the courts, while we teach and reinforce Kawaga’s guiding values. Every staff member will clearly understand this as our top priority.

My Kawaga story began in 1994, when my sister was a ski instructor at camp. After spending only a few hours at Kawaga, she knew how I would thrive there. She phoned to encourage me to spend the second four weeks up at camp when I was 13, which turned out to be a life-changing decision for me. My four summers as a camper were some of the most exciting, happy, and most importantly, confidence-building years of my life. Kawaga broke me out of my shell and taught me countless life lessons. I spent eight years as a counselor. In that role, I realized my love for teaching and coaching, whether on the ski dock, ballfield, or Mess Hall. Every day I watched campers face their fears and try new things, which was incredibly moving and inspiring to me.

Kawaga is my second home. It’s where I was given the opportunity to fail and then to get right back up and try again. Although my Kawaga beginnings may be unique, it’s what I share in common with Kawaga campers through the years that’s really important. It’s about the place and the people, the fun and the memories, the shared values and the incredible friendships. I’m humbled by my new role and am dedicated to assuring that future generations of Kawaga campers will experience and learn from our heritage and culture of enthusiasm spirit, sportsmanship, fellowship, and leadership.    

Lauren’s history at Kawaga is just beginning. She will be coming to the Shores with a deep appreciation for Kawaga’s traditions and ideals from the countless stories I have shared with her over the years. Lauren’s passion for teaching and guiding children drives her everyday. As an accomplished educator, she is dedicated to her students’ growth and success, just as she will be dedicated to your sons. Lauren is friendly, warm, and nurturing. I know she’ll bring a great energy to camp. As I watch her with our two young children, she impresses me every day. She is incredibly patient and compassionate. And, I am so grateful to now have the opportunity to get to work with Lauren to ensure that all of our campers and counselors will have the best summer of their lives.

We want to thank the Fisher and Daube families for this amazing opportunity, their support, and friendship. We’re looking forward to many years on the shores with all of you and the entire Kawaga family.

Lauren and I are excited to get to know you and your sons. We will be in touch with all of you over the next few weeks. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Be Kawaga!

— Ty and Lauren

(Ty: 312.545.4231, Lauren: 248.943.3143,