Day in Review 8/9/2017

With Blue Gold over, campers were able to enjoy the whole of camp. During morning leagues campers played in final championship games, deciding who wins the plaques. Then in the afternoon it was double block of Open Areas, with an appreciation station at the Mohawk powwow site giving campers a chance to really take in the beauty that is Camp Kawaga. Throughout the day campers were using their Kawaga cash to gain them various treats ranging from a late sleep through to a pizza party to Alexander’s. ¬†After dinner it was time for the final Big Powwow of the summer, with numerous campers gaining both Mawanda and Sachem feathers, along with first time Sachem entrants gaining their Sachem names. The Powwow gave the campers an opportunity to reflect upon their summer, their goals achieved, and what they learned during their summer 8/9/2017they want to continue with back home.