Day in Review 8/8/17

What a day. With it being the final day of the Blue Gold Cup, and the scores from last night showing only a 5 point difference, Campers were hyped for another day of competition. The end of the Blue Gold also means it’s time for the Super Duper Relay Race, one of the most anticipated and biggest events of the summer, where every campers isĀ  involved in an activity to make it from one side of camp to another, activities included; wheelbarrow racing, leap frogging, ball catch and some more obscure tasks such as; fire building and wood sawing. After the Blue team won the relay, it was time for all campers to sit at the side of the Omni and find out the final scores for the 2017 Blue Gold Cup, and after a super tight couple of days, The Gold Team took the win! After dinner, Campers headed up to the Rec hall, for the leaving staff show where all the counselors performed various songs and skits, both showing off their skills and talking about the summer. After the show, though campers thought they were about to go to bed, instead they were all told to line up along the edge of D1, for tonight was potentially the final Tapping Ceremony of the summer, Where numerous campers made Mawanda, Sachem, and two campers achieved Double Sachem, a real honor to have achieved. Campers then headed to bed after a long day, looking forwards to enjoying their final few days on the shores.