Day in Review 8/5/2017

Reveille played as the sun came up on the final Saturday of camp. This meant a huge breakfast, and double leagues, which included some of the final games in the championships. After leagues the campers were in for a surprise, because on return to the cabin each camper found a Feather on their pillow, the color signalling which team they will be on in The Blue Gold Cup. Campers then met up with their team members and elected both a captain, and tribal captains before finding out which games will be played tonight. After dinner, the Mohawks set off onto their treasure hunt, the Chips and Sioux’s took part in capture the flag, and the Oneidas plays one round of Basketball, and one of Flickerhoops. ┬áThen most of the campers headed to bed, with the Mohawks finishing up their hunt, all campers excited for tomorrow and the big day of competition ahead.