Day in Review 8/2/2017

A solid morning of clubs was rudely interrupted by an awful weather front coming in, and bringing a weeks worth of rain with it.  This was not good news for our Ski team who were competing in Kawaga’s 44th Ski competition. Where Braves competed in; Slalom, Wakeboarding and, despite the weather doing its best to interfere, finished first place in Barefooting.  Open A’s were rainy day activities, then after lunch campers had a great afternoon ahead of them.  Chips headed out to Northwoods Wilderness Centre, Sioux’s had a very wet afternoon at The Waters Minocqua’s indoor water park.  Mohawk A’s had a crazy afternoon playing a classic Kawaga game of Voccer out on D2, while the Group 1’s and CIT’s took their day to new heights at the Northwoods Zip Line. The Group 2’s arrived back from their two night camping trip after lunch, so spent their afternoon relaxing with a movie. After dinner, tribes split up for a rainy day EP, including a cards tournament, more Voccer and a huge game of Bingo. So despite the rain’s best attempt, the Kawaga Braves went to bed tired after another great day at Camp.