Day in Review 8/1/17

Monday signs the first day of the final week of clubs, with ski club being extra focused on the upcoming Ski Competition this week.  This then led to Open A’s then on to lunch, in which the CIT’s modeled an interesting variety of clothing, purchased from a local charity store for their Runway fashion show.  The Group 2’s then headed off for their trip, and the Mohawks are still out at Mohawk Madness.  After lunch and a welcomed rest hour it was back out, for the first round in the Leagues Playoffs, so competitive spirits ran high.  Then after an outdoor meal, which was almost rained off, it was onto tonight’s EP.  Mohawks B’s took the boats to town to the local ball park for billy ball and grill out, Chips and Sioux’s had 4 on4  Final Four, and the Group 1’s had an intense tournament of pickleball.