Day in Review 7/30/17

The campers and staff slept late again to recover from last nights late EP, which then led into a great brunch appreciated by all, this then led into the final clubs of the week. Where as tradition, each of the clubs did something a little special, including frisbee club catching off the high dive and wrestling club in the water. Clubs then led into a period of open areas, a late lunch, and then back out to more open areas. Then after dinner it was time for the first big powwow of second session, where all campers gathered with much excitement.  During the powwow several braves received their Sachem names and entered the tribe of Sachem after reciting their oaths. Campers then headed to bed after another hectic day, not knowing that only a few hours later they were to be woken for Midnight Movie! Campers and counselors headed out on buses to the local cinema where they watched either  Spider-Man and Despicable Me 3.