Day in Review 7/25/17

As usual it was a busy day at Camp Kawaga, with the remainder of the Mohawks returning from their camping trip full of exciting stories, including those of Chocolate Chip Pancakes, just in time for today’s lunch time Pep Rally.  The CIT’s leading the camp in numerous Kawaga chants, getting everyone hyped up for the big day tomorrow with Menominee.
Later, during pm open A’s the campers found out that tonight, Camp Kawaga would play host to the lovely girls from Chippewa for a Social, which then lead to much discussion about what should be worn to impress. After a outdoor meal the girls arrived, and everyone had a great evening catching up with both friends and family from back home. As the evening wrapped up, the girls headed home, and the boys to bed… Or so they thought.  As tonight was the first tapping ceremony of the second session, with many proud campers making both Mawanda and Sachem.