Daily Updates from The Shores

August 8, 2020

Good morning, Kawaga Parents,

What a day and night we had! The boys packed up while spending plenty of special time with their friends and quiet moments soaking up the beauty and peace that is camp.

And, what an evening we had!

When you have a moment, please read the Annual Pineneedle Dedication. We couldn’t be prouder, and it shows in what Ty has written. And, as you’ll read, we were able to surprise Ty with a Special Dedication. Hope this gives you a bit of reading material to pass the time waiting to again be with your boys.

We’ll be watching for photos of your reunions with your boys. Hug them tight and for us, too. We’re already missing them. Again, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done to make this this summer possible. You are true partners.

Until next time, Be Kawaga.

August 8, 2020

Good Morning Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another great day, highlighted by long blocks of Open Areas and our final big powwow of the summer.

Today we’ll begin packing, complete our favorite activities, sit around camp one final time, and then gather in the Mess Hall for our annual Banquet Night dinner and awards ceremony.

As we approach our final day on The Shores, please know how proud we all are of your boys. They’ll have memories and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Talk tomorrow and have a great day!

August 7, 2020

Hi Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday evening — after a final day of fierce competition — the Blue Team emerged victorious in the Blue/Gold Cup!

We’re proud of both teams (and coaches) for showing incredible energy and sportsmanship throughout the competition — it was an unforgettable few days!

Today we’re taking it all in — the tall pines dancing in the wind, the lake-kissed breeze, and all of the ‘little things’ that make Kawaga feel like home.

Talk soon and take care!

August 6, 2020

Dear Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday featured another fantastic day of spirited Blue/Gold competition.

With a surprising afternoon sweep, the Blue Team has charged into the lead. Can they hold on? With a full day of activities ahead — and lots of points still out there — we’re eager to find out!

We’re also continuing to enjoy Open Areas throughout the day, giving us a chance to unwind, enjoy our favorite activities, and revel in the company of our friends.

We only have a handful of days remaining, but we’re ready to make them the best ones yet — take care and talk tomorrow!

August 5, 2020

Good Morning Kawaga Parents,

Our first full day of Blue/Gold competition is in the books!

It was an action-packed day, highlighted by sports, tug-of-war, and the Oneida All Night Treasure Hunt — also known as the ‘All-Nighter’.

Even the coaches joined the action! Buoyed by the support and cheering of your boys, they competed in musical chairs, tug-of-war, and basketball.

With one day down, the score remains close — stay tuned to our Instagram page for updates between now and tomorrow! In the meantime, we’re healthy, enthusiastic, and competing with pride. Take care!

August 4, 2020

Hi Kawaga Parents,

The Blue/Gold Cup is underway!

Last night — after meeting our teams and receiving our shirts — we completed two sets of games under a painted, early evening sky.

The past few days have also been highlighted by a new, frequent visitor — a mysterious golden eagle. Often perched atop low-hanging branches, it seems just as curious about us, as we are of it!

It’s all coming together at Kawaga — and it’s only getting better.

Talk soon!

August 3, 2020

Dear Kawaga Parents,

We’ve flown through another fantastic week and are excited to continue our strong momentum into our final seven days on The Shores.

Yesterday — our last ‘typical’ day ahead of the Blue/Gold Cup — was highlighted by Clubs, Open Areas, and our final small powwows of the summer.

Today, we’ll learn our Blue/Gold teams, receive our shirts, and kick off the competition — we can’t wait! Take care, and talk tomorrow.

August 2, 2020

Dear Kawaga Parents,

We’re pleased to report another bright and fun-filled Saturday.

A thoughtful sermon — delivered by fourth-year counselor Matthew Kisin — highlighted our weekly Saturday Service. Keep an eye out for it tomorrow afternoon!

We ended the night with not one, but two of our most popular Evening Programs: Casino Night and Jailbreak. If you’re curious, we imagine your boys would love to share all of the exciting details in a letter — just ask them!

We’re happy, healthy, and eager for an unforgettable final week at Kawaga. Talk tomorrow!

August 1, 2020

Hi Kawaga Parents,

We’re happy to report another healthy, warm, and happily routine day at camp.

The evening was highlighted by an EP (which stands for Evening Program) created by our oldest campers, the CITs (Counselors in Training). Based on “ESPN8: The Ocho,” the boys played laid-back, goofy, and odd sports and games around camp — a welcome relief from a hot and high-spirited afternoon.

In other news, we’re beginning to wrap up our Kawaga Cups, and we continue to see great matches and sportsmanship from the boys — we’re very proud.

That’s all for now. Take care and talk soon!

July 31, 2020

Hi Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was a warm and breezy day at camp.

It was also Picture Day. We took our traditional all-camp, cabin, and individual photos. And, we’re always proud at the growing number of Braves in our five-year, ten-year, and second-generation photos — a true testament to the magic here at Kawaga.

We’re looking forward to another fun and healthy weekend!

Enjoy your Friday and take care.

July 30, 2020

Good Morning Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was a sunny and eventful day at Kawaga.

We received our slackline — a soft and stretchy two-inch wide strap, suspended about two feet off the ground — which has been a huge hit with the campers. Under counselor supervision, the boys can attempt to balance and walk along the line, having a great workout and and taking on a fun challenge.

The boys were introduced to their Blue/Gold Cup head coaches. This event — which will take place over several days next week — splits the entire camp into two teams, and is always a highlight of our summer.

We can’t wait! Everything’s running smoothly and safely in the meantime – talk soon!

PS Check www.kawaga.com/news later today for a new “Ty’s Take.”

July 29, 2020

Dear Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another great day as we continued to run Kawaga Cups, Leagues, Clubs, and Open Areas.

With fewer than two weeks remaining, the boys have been flocking to Miracle Dock to squeeze in as many water ski runs as possible. With four boats running at a time, we’ve been able to provide this opportunity to more campers than ever before, and it’s incredibly exciting to watch.

In other news, we’re healthy, happy, and living in the moment here at Kawaga.

Take care!

July 28, 2020

Good Morning Kawaga Parents,

Week 5 is off to a great start!

Yesterday marked the beginning of Kawaga Cups. Chips, Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors compete individually in tennis, waterskiing, swimming, target sports, and triathlon. While participation is optional, the boys are excited to compete. Sportsmanship and enthusiasm shine!

We’re looking forward to some great matches and another safe, fulfilling, and memorable week.

Talk to you tomorrow. Be Kawaga!

July 27, 2020

Hi Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was an excellent day at camp. After a rain-filled morning, the sunshine broke through in the afternoon and we enjoyed a long Open Areas to finish the day.

In the evening we gathered for our second big powwow of the summer, offering us a chance to join together and reflect on the past week. After an unforgettable Spectacular, great weather, fun EPs and more, we’re feeling thankful, proud, and excited to make the most of our final two weeks.

We hope you all had a great weekend – talk tomorrow!

July 26, 2020

Happy Sunday Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another fantastic day, highlighted by our weekly Saturday Service and two rounds of Leagues competition.

This week’s sermon — presented by fourth-year counselor Joey Schrayer — touched on the role that nature and tradition have played in shaping his experiences at Kawaga, and beyond. We’ll be posting Joey’s sermon later today at www.kawaga.com/news Please check it out!

We’re healthy, excited, and hitting our stride as we head into Week 5. Talk soon!

Be Kawaga!

July 25, 2020

Hi Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday we enjoyed a full day of activities, complete with Clubs, Leagues, Open Areas, and — to the delight of the campers — a full rest hour.

While our special activities — such as the Spectacular and Blue/Gold Cup — are perennial camper favorites, our ‘normal’ days continue to be popular with the boys as well, offering a balance of structure, free-time, competition, and instructional periods throughout the day.

We’re feeling good, staying safe, and continuing to have a great time at Kawaga! Take care, and talk tomorrow.

July 24, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another happy and healthy day on The Shores.

We enjoyed an hour of late sleep, plenty of Open Areas, and finished the night with the Counselor Olympics — a wacky Evening Program where the counselors compete in a variety of events, with your boys cheering them on.

After an intense few days of Spectacular competition, it was a great day to recharge and regroup as we head into another action-packed weekend.

Have a great weekend, and talk tomorrow!

PS Later today look for a new “Lauren’s Letter” at www.kawaga.com/news.

July 23, 2020

Good Morning Kawaga Parents,

The 36th Kawaga Spectacular is in the books!

The UNLV Runnin’ Rebels — propelled by a strong Song and Skit performance last night — edged out the Navy Midshipmen to claim The Plaque, which will hang in the Mess Hall for years to come.

With only five points separating first and second place, this was the closest Spectacular we’ve ever witnessed! We’re incredibly proud of how the boys lived up to the Kawaga Ideal over the past few days: “One who will be proud and unbending in defeat, yet humble and gentle in victory”.

We’re feeling great and looking forward to the rest of the week.

Talk soon!

July 22, 2020

Hi Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday we experienced sporadic rain, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a full day of Spectacular competition.

The morning was highlighted by the Individual Tournament, where the boys represented their teams in smaller, bracket-style games such as paddleboard racing, ping-pong, Spikeball, and more. In the afternoon, the Seniors headed to D2 for the Senior Track Meet, and the Juniors completed the Junior Swim Meet at the Waterfront, where a great time was had by all.

Be sure to check out our Week 3 Recap Video!

Take care, and talk soon.

July 21, 2020

Good Morning Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another energetic and spirited day!

The boys enjoyed a full day of Spectacular competition, highlighted by the Senior Swim and Junior Track meets. As you can imagine, campers slept soundly after an incredibly action-packed day.

Boys are also learning their team’s fight songs, cheering enthusiastically in the Mess Hall, and continuing to form friendships with their new teammates and coaches.

With two days of competition remaining, it’s anyone’s game! In the meantime, we’re healthy and continuing to have an unbelievable time in the Northwoods.

Talk soon!

July 20, 2020

Good Morning Kawaga Parents,

The Kawaga Spectacular is off and running!

Yesterday, we met our teams, received our shirts, and competed head-to-head in two rounds of sports before finishing the night with our second small powwow of the summer.

We can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since the boys arrived! Here’s to another healthy, safe, and rewarding 21 days. All is well here at Kawaga.

Take care, and talk tomorrow!

July 19, 2020

Good morning,

Yesterday was an exciting and eventful day at Kawaga!

After our weekly Saturday Service (we’ll be posting second-year counselor Tommy Haverstock’s sermon on our website by tomorrow), the Seniors competed fiercely in four softball games against the counselors.

Although the counselors prevailed in each game, the boys battled hard and showed great spirit and sportsmanship throughout the day — they’ll get ’em next year!

The night was highlighted by a live first-round draft for the Kawaga Spectacular, which will kick-off later this evening. We’re looking forward to an unbelievable week.

Enjoy your Sunday. Talk soon!

July 18, 2020

Good morning Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was a high-spirited day, highlighted by a thunderous pep rally in the Mess Hall during lunch. Led by our Oneidas, the boys gathered together to cheer enthusiastically for the Seniors ahead of the annual Senior vs. Counselor softball game. Our Seniors are excited, poised, and ready to compete — we think it’s going to be a great game!

We’ll post an update on the game tomorrow. In the meantime, we’re happy, healthy, and rooting for your boys — the Seniors!

Have a great weekend.

Be Spirited. Be Kawaga.

July 17, 2020

Dear Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another great day at camp. Imagine perfect weather at a perfect place. That’s exactly what we experienced!

Speaking of “perfects,” during inspection (our cabin clean-up period), we were pleased to see an unusually high number of “perfect”‘ cabins. We’re proud of our campers and staff for keeping a strong focus on hygiene and cleanliness as we continue the summer — it’s gone a long way in keeping us healthy, energized, and thriving here at camp!

Be sure to check out Ty’s Take on our website for an in-depth reflection on our past week and a particular insight one of our older campers shared with Ty.

Have a great Friday!

July 16, 2020

Dear Parents,

We’re back to sunny and beautiful weather at Kawaga!

Our first two weeks were marked by accelerating camper friendships. It really was a bit unexpected but, given the context, of course it makes perfect sense. These boys have developed particularly close bonds with those in their cabins and age groups.

This week, as we’re seeing the coming together of all age groups, we’re witnessing new friendships being formed across the cohorts. Our Big and Little Brother program, which pairs first-year campers with our Oneidas (14- to 16-year-olds), provides the older boys with an opportunity for leadership and the younger boys with role models who especially look out for them. This Kawaga tradition has endured for generations — many of our alumni still keep in touch with their Big and Little Brothers!

We’re so proud of the fellowship and camaraderie that has blossomed this week. We’re healthy, excited, and having an unbelievable time.

Talk tomorrow!

July 15, 2020

Good morning Kawaga Parents,

We had an unusually cool and rainy day yesterday on The Shores. But, as usual, we’re all healthy and happy!

The weather didn’t in any way stop us from having a great time, as we watched movies, laid low, and rested our legs after a high-energy past few days.

To the delight of the boys, we introduced our Kawaga Spectacular coaches and colleges, and our Oneidas enthusiastically began their traditional Senior Ball Club in preparation for their annual softball games against the counselors. (We’re rooting for the campers!)

With only four weeks remaining this camping season, we’re gearing up for an action-packed rest of the summer! We’re so excited, and the boys are too.

Take care, and talk soon!

June 14, 2020

Good morning Kawaga Parents,

What an amazing day we had — our first day back to our “old normal.” Everybody’s happy, healthy, and so excited to be together.

We ate all three meals in the Mess Hall. We even might have set a record for decibel level, shaking the rafters with nonstop singing and cheering. That’s how great it is to be back at the Camp Kawaga we all know.

The boys loved their first full day of all-camp Clubs, Leagues, and Open Areas. As a special treat, we surprised the campers with a dance party and brilliant fireworks over Diamond 1.

As meaningful and as appropriate was this victory celebration, please know that not for one second are we being anything but ever-diligent when it comes to your boys’ health and safety. From constant disinfecting and turning washing hands into fun and games, we’re focused on one more celebration. In four weeks.

Be Proud. Be Brave. Be Kawaga.

Talk soon!

July 13, 2020

Dear Parents,

We slept well last night and imagine you did, too.

Hope you all saw the posts on social media, including the video of the boys — after 14 days — literally coming together. I think it’s one of those moments that none of us will ever forget. We’re happy, relieved, and excited about the next four weeks. Your boys are amazing. We couldn’t be prouder.

We also thank you for all your support and trust. Please know you’re a huge part of this.

We’re looking forward to today!

Talk tomorrow. Be Happy. Be Kawaga.

July 12, 2020 – 3pm central time 

Hello, Kawaga Parents!

Yes, we’re posting at a different time today. Why? Because we’ve received the test results: Everybody — campers, staff, admin — tested negative! Please check your emails for detail.

So, this means we’re moving to our next phase right on time: easing out of our cohorts and bringing everybody together for the next four weeks of camp.

We hope you enjoy your Sunday even more. We’ve passed this hurdle together and are beyond grateful.

Be Happy. Be Kawaga.

July 12, 2020

Happy Sunday Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another beautiful and healthy day at Camp Kawaga!

The day was highlighted by our weekly Saturday Service. Counselor Sam Pacala — back for his 12th year at Kawaga and 4th on staff — delivered a passionate sermon touching on growth and finding his true self at camp. Sam’s sermon will be posted later today on kawaga.com/news, and we hope you’ll check it out.

It’s been an incredible two weeks! We’re so excited to share the next four with your boys, and we can’t thank you enough for trusting us with them here at Kawaga this summer. Talk soon!

July 11, 2020

Good morning Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was a bright and breezy day on The Shores. As evidenced by our daily photos, we’re happy, healthy, and thrilled to be away from our screens and surrounded by our friends and beauty here at camp.

Just as your boys have discovered a new sense of energy at Kawaga, we’ve noticed that our 14-year old Golden Retriever, Karma, has done the same — running and playing like a dog half her age! Maybe it’s something in the water… or maybe it’s just the magic of camp. For our campers who are missing their furry friends at home, Karma has been great to have around!

Things are going great Up North. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Talk soon. Be Kawaga.

June 10, 2020

Good morning Kawaga Parents,

We had another healthy and enjoyable day at camp yesterday! After a week and a half of near-perfect weather, we received some much-needed rain.

So, we enjoyed the downtime. In the morning, we collected our clean laundry, tidied up our cabins, and spent quality time with our counselors and cabinmates sharing stories, playing cards, and enjoying each other’s company while waiting out the rain.

As the skies cleared after lunch, the boys kicked it back into gear, competing and playing outdoors for the remainder of the day.

Rain or shine, there’s still no better place to be than at Kawaga! Take care, and we’ll talk tomorrow.

July 9, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another warm, healthy, and fun day at camp.

Did you know that Kawaga has been operating continuously since 1915? For context, here’s what was happening in our world, 105 years ago:

– Woodrow Wilson was our nation’s president
– The cost of a first-class stamp was $0.02 — a gallon of gas cost $0.15
– Rocky Mountain National Park was established
– Babe Ruth hit his first career home run
– The first stop sign appeared in Detroit, MI

We’ve come a long way! And while camp (and the world) has changed a lot since 1915, we’re proud that Kawaga transcends time — forged by generations of tradition, heritage, and fellowship.

Here’s to another 105 years on The Shores! Your boys are having a blast, and we are, too. Talk soon, Be Kawaga!

P.S. Check out “Lauren’s Letter” here for a more in-depth perspective on this unique summer.

July 8, 2020

Good morning Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another beautiful and healthy day on The Shores.

Each day your boys are seeing more and more of Kawaga’s wildlife — eagles, deer, otters, and turtles. The animals continue to become accustomed to the energy and hustle of daily camp life.

The bald eagles reside in enormous nests near Cabin 25 and the Arena Court. Boys often stop whatever they’re doing to witness these beautiful birds soaring high in the Kawaga sky and swooping down to catch fish right out of the lake with pinpoint precision. If you hear your son shouting “Nature break!” at home, now you’ll know why!

Take care. Talk to you tomorrow!

July 7, 2020

Hi Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another healthy and high-spirited day!

Campers enjoyed a balanced day — competing hard in leagues, learning new skills during instructional club periods, and continuing to spend plenty of time staying cool in the water.

Your boys continue to challenge themselves, discovering new activities and setting personal goals. Whether it’s skiing around the bay, catching their first fish, or shooting their first bullseye in archery, our campers make us proud every day, demonstrating persistence and achievement.

So, our second week is off to a great start!

July 6, 2020

Happy Monday, Parents —

Sunday was a fun, healthy, and overall much-needed day to relax at Kawaga.The boys enjoyed an hour-plus of extra sleep in the morning, icy snow cones in the afternoon, and our first small powwows in the evening.

Every other Sunday, each age group gathers at its own site for a small powwow. Their counselors lead them in a thoughtful discussion — often using the Kawaga Idea as a platform for reflecting on the past week, setting goals, and forging deeper connections with their fellow campers, counselors, and Kawaga. Parents, no doubt you’d be impressed (and probably surprised) with your boys’ awareness, maturity, and openness.

As we head into Week 2, we’re feeling grounded, confident, and altogether energized.

That’s all for today! We’re looking forward to another great week. Talk tomorrow and take care!

July 5, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

Yesterday was another healthy and action-packed day, kicked-off by our first weekly Saturday Service of the summer, and ending with a spectacular display of fireworks over the lake. The ooohs, the ahhhs, the cheers! Your boys had a great day and night.

With our cohorts spaced safely apart on the O.D. Shed Court, counselor Ezra Wallach — back on The Shores for his 5th summer — delivered a wonderful sermon, reflecting on his return to Kawaga after a multi-year hiatus. Ezra’s perspective, authenticity, and thoughtfulness resonated with campers and staff alike. (We’ll post Ezra’s sermon later today on our website at https://kawaga.com/news/.)

That’s all for now. Hope you all had a great holiday, too. We can’t believe it’s already been one full week; time really flies when we’re having fun. Talk tomorrow!

Be Proud. Be Happy. Be Kawaga.

July 4, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

Happy Fourth of July! We had another healthy and sun-filled day yesterday at camp.

We’re thrilled to announce that our final bay swimmer made it across the bay yesterday morning, cheered on by his fellow Braves. The striking image of this young camper, who struggled to make it across the bay — and all those who were cheering him on — reminded us of a powerful line from Kawaga’s Ideal:

“Here let him learn to stand up in the storm; here let him learn compassion for those who fail.”

We’re so proud of the boys for their display of courage and empathy. We only wish you all could have seen it, too!

We hope you’re finding these Daily Updates helpful and reassuring. Please remember that you’ll be hearing from us in other ways, too. Ty and Lauren will alternate each week in writing you a more in-depth report and personal reflection about the summer in “Ty’s Take” and “Lauren’s Letter.” We’ll also be posting counselors’ Saturday sermons each weekend (all at www.kawaga.com/news).

If you need to reach us us, please email parents@kawaga.com or (if health-related) nurse@kawaga.com. And, of course, you can always phone the office at 715-356-6262. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours if it’s a non-emergency message. We’ve been putting our cellphones down for the day, so we can be with your boys and the staff 🙂

July 3, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

Thursday was another healthy and sunny day in the great Northwoods!

It was also another scorcher, and we’re continuing to find creative ways to beat the heat. Not only are we swimming, skiing, sailing, and canoeing, we’ve introduced water balloons, an inflatable slip n’ slide, and ‘The Beast’ — a massive, 18-foot inflatable paddle board — into our daily programming. To cool us down, we were treated to a late-afternoon sun shower, to help us head into the evening feeling cool and refreshed.

If you haven’t already, we recommend you check out Ty’s Take for an in-depth reflection of our first few days at Kawaga. Spoiler alert: we’re incredibly proud of our campers and staff for their spirit, enthusiasm, and flexibility in embracing this once-in-a-lifetime camping experience.

Talk tomorrow!

Be Kawaga,
Ty and Lauren

July 2, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

We can’t believe it’s already been three days! On the other hand, because everything’s running so well, it feels like it must be longer.

With each day, the boys are getting more comfortable with the new rhythm of camp. Activities continue to run smoothly and safely. With the exception of some sore muscles and tired legs (to be expected following a three-month quarantine), we’re delighted to report that the boys are happy and healthy.

Yesterday was another hot one, and we again enjoyed plenty of water activities and an extended rest period to help the boys recharge and rehydrate.

Look for “Ty’s Take” coming soon to give you a greater sense of what we’re all so fortunate to be experiencing at camp!

Be Kawaga, Ty & Lauren

July 1, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

We’re pleased to report we had another fun, rewarding, and healthy day at Camp Kawaga.

Under sunny and clear skies, the boys enjoyed plenty of water activities with their cohorts, from swimming and sailing to waterskiing, tubing, paddle-boarding, and more. With temperatures reaching the mid-80s, we kept a close eye on hydration and sun-protection.

As more warm weather approaches, we’re as grateful as ever for our spectacular one-mile of lakefront property, which we’ll enjoy to the fullest! We’re only two days into the summer but it already feels like home. And, of course, we’re having a blast.

‘Til tomorrow – take care! Ty and Lauren

June 30, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

Our first full day is in the books. And, despite a bit of rain, what a great day it was! Fueled by our traditional Monday burgers, the boys enjoyed a steady rotation of Open Areas with their cohorts throughout the day. Bay-swimming and water-skiing, Voccer and Billyball games (original Kawaga sports). And — as always — plenty of smiles and enthusiasm.

To see these boys playing at camp — truly in their element — is something special. We can’t wait to watch them grow over the next six weeks.

All’s great here on The Shores. We’re happy and healthy.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Be Happy. Be Kawaga.

Ty and Lauren

June 29, 2020

Hello Kawaga Parents,

We’re thrilled to report that we had a beautiful first evening at Camp Kawaga. Although the arrival to camp — staggered by cohorts — was different than in the past, it went smoothly and produced more smiles than you can imagine.

After settling into their cabins (and enjoying a quick snack), campers spent a few hours connecting, competing, and reveling in the warm Kawaga sun (safely spaced, of course).

And, of course, during our outdoor dinner of delicious brisket, cornbread, and baked beans, the enthusiasm and comradery was on full display.

So, yes, CK2020 is off to a great start. Your boys are so thrilled to be on The Shores and with each other. Whether your son is a first-year camper or an experienced Brave, it’s safe to say that he’s excited for what tomorrow brings, as are we.

Please continue to check here every morning for our daily update, which we plan to post by 9am. Of course, this is not the only way you’ll hear from us. So, please also check Instagram or Facebook for daily photos and posts. And, each week, look for a “Ty’s Take” or “Lauren’s Letter” to give you a greater sense of Kawaga 2020. We’ll share with you stories of what we see and feel during this incredibly special summer. Thank you, as always, for your trust.

Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Kawaga.

Ty and Lauren

June 26, 2020

Please check here each morning for our #CK2020 daily update, which we plan to post by 9am. Here’s where we’ll briefly recap yesterday’s highlights.

Please also check Instagram or Facebook for daily photos and posts. And, each week, look for a “Ty’s Take” or “Lauren’s Letter” to give you a greater sense of Kawaga 2020, sharing stories of what we see and feel during this incredibly special summer.

Thank you, as always, for your trust.

Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Kawaga.

Ty and Lauren