Closing out the 1st 4 weeks…Staff Notes

As we get close to closing out our first session, I  look back at my first few weeks here at Kawaga and I am overwhelmed with excitement, pride, and honor.  I have witnessed so much growth in both our campers and staff and must admit, I have learned an exceptional amount as well.  Kawaga  constantly teaches you life lessons, the ideal and pillars are reminders of what’s important.  To me Kawaga is a protected paradise, full of happy campers and counselors, and full of safe opportunities to grow to be healthy and strong.

I’ve gotten to do many firsts as a “first time camper”.  I swam the bay, have been cheering as loud as I can in the Mess Hall (working hard to learn the words!) and am getting an extra competitive edge during my first Spectacular.  It’s been incredible to see camp with fresh eyes while being able to share in the history alongside Ty and the rest of the Kawaga Nation.

We count on enjoying every minute of the next few days until we close the books on the first 4 weeks of CK2017 and are gearing up to have a strong second session.  I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend for Visitors Weekend.  Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to share the summer with your sons.