We look forward to having you join us this summer during Visitors Weekend! Visitor’s weekend is a special time at camp for our campers and their families. At Kawaga the values of family surround us, and we welcome all family members to come and enjoy the beauty of camp and see it in ACTION.

Kawaga’s gate will open starting at 3:30 pm on Friday, July 17th. Lauren and Ty will be there to welcome you and hope to spend time with you all. We invite you to spend time in camp, meet your son’s counselors, check out his cabin, meet his cabin mates, and meet other Kawaga families.

Friday JULY 17th 2020

  • 3:30 pm GATES OPEN
  • 4:00 pm Parents come into camp to meet their campers and pick up their weekend schedule!
  • 5:00 pm Areas Close for the day.
  • 9:30 – 10:00pm CAMPER DROP OFF. All campers are due back to camp no later than 10:00pm

If you are picking up your son by boat, you may do so only on the Wharf, the dock nearest the canoe racks, again no earlier than 4pm.


  • 8:30 am Parents are allowed into Camp
  • 9:00 am Morning service
  • 10:00 am Exibition Leagues
  • 11:15 am Special “Evening Program”
  • 12:30 pm Lunch
  • 2:00 pm Open Areas
  • 5:30 pm Areas Close



Policies and Procedure for Visiting Weekend Nights Out

  • All campers are required to sign out before departing camp.
  • All campers MUST sign back in at the parking lot upon their return on Friday evening, and again upon returning on Sunday morning.
  • All campers must check in no later than 9:00pm on Friday and 10:00am on Sunday.
  • 8 week Campers are expected to sleep out on Saturday night. Parents are not allowed into camp on Sunday morning. Contact us if there is any reason your son may not sleep out on Saturday.
  • All pets must be kept on leashes at all times.

Miscellaneous Policies for Parents’ Weekend

Food and Candy

Please do not bring any food items containing nuts or traces of nuts. Camp Kawaga is a 100% peanut/tree nut free facility. Please note that campers are NOT permitted to bring food back to their cabins.


Kawaga’s policy has always prohibited counselors from receiving tips. The counselors are aware of this policy. The field of camping must maintain high professional standards as well as high ethical standards. While tips may be intended as a reward for good performance, quite often they are perceived as a way to insure that a particular camper receives special treatment. If you wish to express your gratitude, a small gift other than money, as a token of appreciation, is reasonable.

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