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Job Descriptions

team leaders

Division Head

This is a new position in the summer of 2017 for Camp Kawaga. Division Heads will report directly to Harry our Assistant Director and be responsible for 1/2 of camp. Each Division Head will be responsible for two age groups (Chips and Siouxs – our two youngest – or Mohawks and Oneidas) and help supervise all of the staff/cabin counselors within these age groups. The main focus you your supervision will be on camper and staff life in the cabin environment and meal times, and you will meet with each individual cabin 1-2x each week to discuss how they are enjoying camp, their cabin and activities. Division Heads will also observe staff during their instructional, Leagues and Open Area assignments in an effort to help staff get real time feedback as to job performance.

Division Heads must be at least 21 years of age and at a minimum entering their Senior year in college.  Applicants who already are or are considering teaching, social work or similar fields would probably do well in this position.

Cabin Counselor

All male staff live in cabins with campers. Kawaga’s cabin counselors are the heart and soul of camp–forming relationships with campers, being “parents” and instructors, and directing daily activities. Every cabin has two to four staff, depending on the size of the cabin, consisting of at least one senior counselor and one junior counselor (18 or younger). Outside of the cabin, counselors are assigned daily to a variety of activities which they feel comfortable either leading or assisting. The ability to teach and instruct multiple activities is key, as is a desire to help young boys mature into young men.

In addition to running sports and activities, counselors head-up many programming areas including Evening Programs, Leagues, out of camp competitions, the Books (Kawaga’s Indian traditions), and the Pineneedle (Kawaga’s annual camp yearbook and bi-weekly newspaper).

Female Counselor

While Kawaga is an all-boys camp, female counselors play a crucial role on our staff. Typically we hire female staff to help lead and assist in a specific camp area (skiing, waterfront, arts & crafts, music, etc.), or as assistants to the Administrators. Female staff have an opportunity to be involved in all activities around camp and engage with the campers. Female staff live together in their own cabin with no campers.

Head of Waterfront

The Head of the Waterfront, who often serves as a cabin counselor also, oversees the entire swimming program. The Head of the Waterfront must be a proficient lifeguard and able to manage other lifeguards in order to keep the swim area safe and fun.

Head of Waterskiing

The Head of Waterskiing directs Kawaga’s renowned ski program. The Head of Waterskiing supervises all ski instructors and ensures proper instruction to all campers at the ski docks. The Head of Waterskiing must not only be an excellent skier (slalomer, barefooter, wakeboarder,) but must also maintain all boats and equipment. This staff member also organizes Kawaga’s annual waterski tournament.

Head of Sailing

This staff member directs Kawaga’s sailing program, including camper instruction and boat/equipment maintenance. The Head of Sailing must also organize and run Kawaga’s annual sailing regatta, set up a Kawaga sailing team, and maintain the program throughout the summer.

Head of Tripping and Tripping Heads

The Head of Tripping’s primary job is to plan, pack, and execute Kawaga’s extensive tripping program. All of Kawaga’s campers will go out on a trip ranging from one to seven days. The outings vary from simple hikes to complex, weeklong canoe trips. The Tripping Heads are the staff member in charge of the trip while out of camp. All members of the Tripping Staff must possess a love for the outdoors, excellent outdoor skills, and an ability to organize and implement an intricate tripping schedule. WFA certification is not required, but highly encouraged.

Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant works in the office assisting the directors, assistant-directors, and other office personal. Duties include directing phone-calls and managing email correspondences with parents. Good communication skills and professionalism are required as well as a lively personality. Knowledge of basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office, is highly appreciated.


Kawaga employs at least two full-time nurses to ensure proper and timely medical care to all campers. Kawaga’s nurses handle medical issues as they arise and manage the maintaining and distribution of campers’ medications throughout the day.

Kitchen Staff

For those who wish to explore the culinary arts, a kitchen staff position allows for training in culinary techniques under superior chefs.
Maintenance Crew – Kawaga offers both year-round and summertime maintenance positions. Maintaining the grounds, buildings, and equipment requires some knowledge of electrical work, plumbing, and general carpentry.