Camp Kawaga Blog

After a pretty chill weekend where we let the boys recharge the batteries, we are moving ahead into the home stretch of summer. Sunday’s lazy day got us rolling into the last week of clubs and looking ahead to the Blue Gold Cup.  Weather finally warmed up on Monday after a very chilly weekend. Sunday was a lazy day for the most part as we slept in and enjoyed the slower day.  For the EP, we tried our hand at Monopoly as the board game came to life around Kawaga. The oldest boys played one game, while the younger guys played their own game.  The cabins and buildings turned into the properties and the boys tried their luck for some huge Kawaga Kash.  Great time had by all.

Monday got us into a very regular day. We try to have Week 7 be a very normal week so the boys can enjoy their last full week of the summer. The weather warmed up as the sun came out and we had a great day.  Last night was a very popular EP called CLUE night. Similar to Monopoly Night it is based off the board game/movie as a whodunit played out around camp. The cabins had to figure out who “killed” Kappy, where, when and with what.  Lots of clues played out around camp as the campers had to figure out the clues and/or complete specific tasks at 8 different stations. Very fun part was that the campers were allowed to question the 4 suspects they thought committed the dastardly deed. The interrogations were pretty funny and amusing.

Today brings our 40th Annual Ski Tournament as we host 8 different camps and over 60 skiers for a co-tournament.  It is awesome we can do this each summer, thanks to Kawaga having the only permanent ski course in the Northwoods.  We will let you know how it goes later.  The rest of the campers are doing their normal activities today.

More to come…