Camp Kawaga Blog

Camp keeps flying along. We are into Week 6 here, and it is flying. Was supposed to rain all day today, but nope, not in the Bubble that is Camp Kawaga. Blue skies and mid 70 temps – moving onto about 20 days with only 1 day of rain.

With that crazy great weather, we have the boys very active. Full week of clubs last week along with several camping trips. The campers are doing great and having lots of fun. We are mixing in our regular programming with some team practices this week to get organized for competition on Thursday against that other camp. So the boys are excited and spirit is on the rise as we prepare for a fun week.  All in all, camp has just been amazing. The young campers are coming along well, and figuring things out. The cabins are get along very well overall, and for the most part, any homesickness is behind us as the boys are running around.

Tonight we look forward to an exciting EP called COMMANDO – a bunch of fun stations for the boys to do as they are mixed with kids of all ages from CITs down to Chips. Its a great way for the boys to really get to know each other and have fun together, regardless of age.  Camp is going too fast, but not for a lack of having fun!!!

More to come…