Camp Kawaga Blog

Despite a rainy week here in the Northwoods, we still had a truly great week. As we always seem to, luck was on our side as the rain picked the most opportune times to fall all week. A couple of nights it rained really hard, another day it waited until the evening when we planned for a movie night (Goonies), so we got most all of our activities in. Most significantly, Saturday wrapped up all of our First Session trips when the CITs arrived back home from Boundary Waters. It marked a very successful run of camping trips – our best in years. Our staff was very well prepared both from a safety and activity standpoint, and with a great attitude toward having fun in the outdoors, all of our campers reported in as having their best trips ever. The CITs made it all home safely and had the most memorable trip of their lives.

Back home at camp, it is always a bit different of a week with so many guys out of camp, but we were still rockin’ with non-stop activities and events. With EPs like Clue Night and Crossfire to go along with 2 socials, there was no shortage of good times and running around for all the boys. We wrapped up week 2 with our first Big Pow Wow of the summer. The theme of my speech to all of the camp was to really slow down and appreciate where they are at – living up here with their friends and with nature all around. Just wanted to remind them to appreciate how great it is to here, and to take a moment to enjoy it despite all the activity and things going on all around them.

With that, we move on to Week 3 – a big competition week with Timberlane on Monday, Ojibwa on Wednesday and the big Senior Counselor Softball Game on July 4th. Will be a lot of fun to combine with the annual 4th of July celebrations.

We hope you are enjoying the pictures and video on Facebook. We are really trying to keep you in touch with camp without you having to be directly “in touch.” Personally, I think it is pretty awesome, and I am really liking the highlight videos.

Until the next time…