Camp Kawaga Blog

It is amazing how fast camp goes, in a blur we are already starting up Week 2. Week 1 was truly a great one. We are a happy camp with a staff that is really getting after it. The weather is really cooperating including a sunny 80 degree day all day today. The rain seems to be on our side, only raining at night or in the very early morning hours. Even this evening, it held off raining until after dinner. Unfortunately our small pow wows have had to move inside, but other than a camp fire, the boys are not missing a thing.  

My favorite part of the first week is seeing how quickly we gel as a camp. How our younger campers feel things out as they make new friends and figure out just what is going on at Kawaga; how our older guys get right back to being together and continuing to bond, and adding new campers to the mix which only makes the groups stronger; how quickly our older campers selflessly understand how they can give back to camp by befriending younger campers and helping them enjoy camp, which only allows them to enjoy camp more. And I am really loving this Staff – young perhaps, but they really get it. Very few of the bumps and struggles we tend to see with 15 – 20 new staffers. Instead our first year guys are making a strong impression on campers and senior staff alike. This should all make for a truly great summer for our campers.

With Week 2, we move into our serious camping trips. The CITs left for Boundary Waters today along with 6 of our counselors, and with Group 1 going canoeing on the Turtle Flambeau tomorrow as well.  For a few days, all of our older campers will be out of camp and roughing it. They will face healthy challenges and have great bonding experiences. Back here at Kawaga, it will make for a quiet camp, but also will allow our younger campers to really shine!!

On to Week 2 we go!! But before we leave Week 1, please enjoy this phenomenal highlight video of Kawaga100, Summer of 2014, Week 1: