Camp Kawaga Blog

Thanks to that Geico commercial, the going phrase on Wed is HUMP DAY!! Pretty funny actually.

Another beautiful, hot and humid day. Perfect for getting the kids going, running and then into the water as much as possible.  We are doing great and the boys are really starting to get into the swing of camp. Last night’s EP was Dewey’s Derby – 12 different fun stations for the kids to participate in and try to have the best time/score of their age group. Base run, a slip and slide obstacle course, volleyball rally, Fred’s famous tennis ball catch and more!! One of the most enjoyed EPs all summer long.

As for today, we as a staff are taking HUMP DAY to heart. Today is our goal day to get any of the campers with lingering homesickness “over the hump” and enjoying camp to the fullest. We have lots of activities planned and are going to get them going. There are not too many homesick overall, but we are going to get everyone going in a positive way.

Couple of trips have headed out – Group 1 tried their hand with a full day of white water kayaking. They reported in this morning and had a great trip! The Mo As are at Copper Falls Park until tomorrow.  A very fun destination with some great campgrounds, waterfalls and beautiful scenery.  Most of the CITs are out near Bayfield sailing on Lake Superior for the CIT luxury trip, and a 3rd crew of CITs heads out tomorrow for their trip. It is our way of saying thank you to the CITs for all their time and dedication as campers.

Busy as always, but lots of great things going on… More to come…