Camp Kawaga Blog

Sorry for not being in touch the past few days. For once, I actually have an excuse to not have blogged. It has been and continues to be interesting.

First let me tell you that everyone here is very happy and healthy, and while the Directors and Admin are a bit frazzled from the past few days, the campers are mostly oblivious to the ongoings behind the scenes and are loving camp. The weather has not been helpful. Rain has hit us continuously since Wed night, and while it has not really stormed at all, it has rained hard and drenched our fields.  Nonetheless our staff has been amazing, and the kids have enjoyed the activities. We have had to come up with a lot of rainy day activities so over the last couple days we have played Rock n’ Roll Bingo, the Group 1s had a Ga Ga Tournament in the Big House, and yesterday afternoon the Chips, Siouxs and Mohawk Bs were running around for a crazy Treasure Hunt.  Thursday everyone enjoyed the INDOOR Olympics where they played all sorts of games a la Minute to Win It – make a paper airplane and have it fly the furthest, cup stacking races, office tennis, fencing with the swim noodles, and much more. The campers really enjoyed!!

Finally last night we got some sun, and were able to play all camp Crossfire on D2. In this version of dodgeball the field of play is a circle with 6 pieces to it.  But the dodgeballs are literally coming from every direction. It is a Kawaga special and the campers love it.  Unfortunately, some more rain this morning, but looks like the last of it for a few days – finally.

Updating the power outage – we still have no phones, and the phone company has been less than helpful as they still have not made it to camp to assess the problem. I am assured someone will be here today, so we will update you when we know more.  We fried a bunch of electronics, but slowly are getting everything back together. We should be 100% by Tuesday with everything (not including the phones).

Rest assured, camp is running at a great level and there is a terrific energy. CITs return from Boundary Waters by dinner tonight, and the last of our trips will be back tomorrow as we look forward to our first Big Pow Wow of the summer on Sunday night.

More to come…