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With so many different counselors from all across the world, we will share some of their perspective on Camp Kawaga and their time at camp through our weekly blog.  This week, I asked Amy J one of our first year staffers from New Zealand to write a blog. It has been a joy to work with Amy this summer – she helps out in the office and is one of the great photographers we have at camp and one of the people to thank for all the great Facebook pics. She is one of the happiest people I have ever met – smiling and laughing always, and a complete lover of life. She has been a fun and great addition to our Kawaga staff. Here is her thoughts as she completes her first month at Kawaga and in the United States.

Amy J from NZ

Amy J from NZ

There’s no place I’d rather be!!! As I jumped on my very first plane ride to America I realized my countdown from 100 days until camp starts had FINALLY come to an end and I was on my way. A little nervous but mostly excited to experience my first time in America, I had only imagined how my big adventure would turn out, it’s only been 2 ½ weeks and this is a million times better than I could of ever imagined! I can’t even explain how much I already love this place called Kawaga, and how much fun and exciting every day is at camp. I already wish this summer would go on forever!

For the first time in my life, I’m the person with the different accent, and the one that gets to experience another country’s traditions. Some of my most memorable experiences are the simplest – I got to have my first ever s’more (I wish I really could have some each day); I have never been so close to a turtle that I can touch it; I get woken up by Matt’s voice, fun music and announcements every morning instead of a boring alarm; I have never had such exciting meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner are full of cheers and camp songs. One lunch the cheering went on for the whole lunchtime just about the red and blue light bulb for the second’s light, crazy right?!?

I see a million chipmunks a day but still can’t decide if I like them or not, or if I am seeing the same few over and over again. Also the squirrels are always bouncing up and around the trees, and I even came across a deer one day while jogging – that never happens back home!!

If you cannot tell, I really enjoy life, and particularly the small things. This summer here at Kawaga, every experience is new for me and there is always something exciting going on around camp. The fun games, sports competitions, socials, staff shows, evening programs, free swims and now the 4th of July festivities today!!

What I love the most – The kids are always having fun, laughing, working together as a team and walking around with huge smiles on their faces. It certainly makes taking pictures so easy J! I love how the kids are full of life and are willing to give everything a go. The kids have the loveliest manners and say the funniest things, I’m sure to have great abs by the end of the summer from laughing so much.

This camp is so very special. It is so apparent just from living here these past week, but recently I went with some of the campers to two of the other camps in the area for some events and saw firsthand how great Kawaga is run and how well we take care of your sons. Returning from those camps, as soon as I get back to Kawaga I know this is the best place to be.  After just a few weeks, it feels like home. This is the best job I have ever had, the team I work with is amazing. I can’t think of anywhere better to be than here.  I was given the best opportunity, and love sharing all that I am experiencing with my friends and family back home. Every day I have something new to share with them.

I am a believer in Kawaga – If you haven’t been to Kawaga or have not sent your boys here, you are missing out on the greatest experience you could ever have!!

First time blogging, yay! Amy J