Camp Kawaga Blog

Just wrapped up a great night of camp. Two beautiful days of sun and fun for the boys to kick off summer. The boys are doing absolutely terrific with virtually no homesickness and lots of smiles. Monday night, we squeezed in an hour of Capture the Flag.  We got clubs started yesterday and got many boys across the Bay.  Leagues are already in full swing, and we have the boys running everywhere.  Last night the boys had Pros v. Joes which is where the campers with their cabin members face off against the staff in many different sports and activities, including 2 on 2 volleyball, 3 on 3 hoops, nok hockey trivia and more. It was a blast.  Tonight ended with the First Session Club Kawaga (staff show) followed by the Ojista ceremony where new campers are “initiated” as Kawaga braves.

Phew…. a lot of stuff happening and all good things to report. Pictures are being posted each night, and we see nothing but lots of smiley faces.

Camping trips start tomorrow with Group 2 (rising 9th graders) heading out on the first of our trips first thing tomorrow morning. The rest of the groups will start heading out over the weekend and throughout next week, including the CITs leaving for Boundary Waters on Sunday.

Until next time….