Camp Kawaga Blog

To keep some variety in our blog, on Thursdays we like to have one of our current staff members give their perspective on Camp Kawaga and their experiences while here. Since Parents Weekend was full of long time staff members, we thought we would switch it up again and have one of our new counselors, Kaity Spencer from Australia chime in.   Here is Kaity’s blog:

8,818 miles, 1 country, 3 states and a pacific ocean away from home in Australia and I’m in the best place I can imagine.

The night I arrived at camp I remember meeting Matt and some of the senior staff that had been here long time, and I loved the fact that they were all so welcoming with warm hugs and big smiles! It’s very rare at Camp Kawaga that you do not see a smile on anyone’s face. This place is one of the most happiest places I’ve ever been to. It’s contagious & makes you want to be apart of every activity, to strive towards making yourself a better person. I have quickly learned that this is a big part of the reason that all of the counselors are here. Consistently encouraging the boys to try their best and not to give up even if they don’t win at a game.

One of the moments that stood out most for me here is the Spectacular. I remember going around to all the teams and seeing the coaches pep talks; and they weren’t pushing the guys to win or putting pressure on them, but instead they were encouraging them to have fun and try their best. That in itself is a big reason why Kawaga has (in my opinion) been able to keep running for 100 years. The values they teach here aren’t just for the summer, but they are life lessons. I got the pleasure of meeting a lot of the alums from past years & the amount of men that told me they still carry around a copy of the Kawaga Ideal in their wallet was pretty amazing. This shows that Camp Kawaga stays with you longer than just a summer, it lasts a lifetime.

Back home is Australia, we don’t have anything like summer camps, and so you can understand that this is such a novelty to me and I LOVE IT! I love how when you walk down the camp road you see a chipmunk here or there scooting across the lane or ducking out from under a cabin. The way that the same things have different names like over here you have coolers in Australia we call them esky’s, cotton candy is called fairy floss and sweatshirts are called jumpers. The funny things that people ask me about home like; “do you really have kangaroos in your back yard?!” and “is there anything in Australia that doesn’t want to kill you?!”  As Dewey mentioned in her last diddle it really is the little things that I see in the progress of a boy at his time at camp whether it for 4 weeks or 8 is truly overwhelming.

I still remember when I chose to go through CCUSA and start my application process; it was the most exciting, yet nerve-racking decision I had made in my life. Often I have to ask myself how I got so lucky as to Matt and Dewey choosing my application out of hundreds to hire and I cant believe I actually get paid to be here! Although I have only been here for 6 weeks I feel like this place is home and I’m having the best summer of my life!

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Oi Oi Oi!

Kaity Spencer