Camp Kawaga Blog

Continues to be nice if not a bit chilly here at camp. We are just about done with our final full week of camp. So sad… but we are very busy as we begin to wrap up summer.  League playoffs have begun for all age groups, and the fight for the plaque is on.  Every winner of their League tournament gets a plaque up in the Mess Hall with their team name on it, along with all the players and coaches. Cups have started as well. Cups are individual tournaments by age group. The campers can compete in tennis, swim, archery, riflery, sailing and skiing.  There is even a triathlon for the Mohawk As and up!!  So lots of good stuff for the boys to do.

Group 2 came back from their trip to Black Lake today. It was an enjoyable 2 day trip, and our final trip of the summer.  The CITs ran their own EP last night – called Electro Night.  Every summer, we have the CITs create and run their own EP as a first step towards being on staff here at Kawaga.  It is a fun exercise for them as they get a real first taste of developing and running a program, being in charge, and having to deal with all the campers!!  It is also a great way to get some new games into camp as inevitably we end up with a great new program from the imagination of our CITs.  In the past they have created Clue Night and Pros v Joes which have become EP staples.

Needless to say, the CITs did a fantastic job and their Electro Night was a big hit.  Great time had by all. Casino Night is tonight. Great EP!!!


More to come…