Camp Kawaga Blog

June 17, 2013 – 1st Day

Just wrapped up Day 1. It was truly amazing – as the invasion began and the campers arrived, there was a great buzz at camp.  The Staff was absolutely ready to welcome your sons and get things rolling. We introduced the staff, and then called out the cabins, and away we went.  After about an hour of unpacking and the start of health checks, we had some dinner.  The CITs were chomping at the bit to get the Mess Hall rocking, and the campers followed suit.

The spirit in the Mess Hall was inspiring.  With Dewey and I on Year 6, we can honestly say, we have never witnessed a more fun, enthusiastic and joyous Mess Hall on the first night of camp.  It was the first time that no one left the meal homesick or sad, and it made all of us at the Admin table sit back and smile. The combination of what may be just an incredible staff, and a great mix of new and returning campers, what a sight and sound to behold.  It’s obviously early, and for sure there will be some homesickness and work to be done, but the early results cannot be ignored.  Your sons are in great hands with this 2013 Staff.

After we wrapped up dinner and covered the ground rules for camp, all new campers were given their Big Brothers and taken on a tour of Kawaga. Shortly afterwards, it was time for our traditional Capture the Flag game. Great opportunity for the boys to run out some of that nervous and/or pent up energy.  Does not even really matter who won or loss, it was all a big win today for the campers.

We have tucked all the boys in now.  We checked in on every cabin, and most of them were having their initial cabin pow wows, sitting on the floor together and setting up their Cabin Constitution – the cabin rules for the session.  Everyone is reporting in happy and healthy and two thumbs way up for the first night of camp!!!

Make sure to check out the photos, we posted cabin shots, Big Bro/Lil Bro pics and some from our activities tonight.  Look at that…. the Admin off with a bang as well!!

We will be in touch with more tomorrow.  Until next time….