Camp Kawaga Blog

Put Spectacular No. 29 in the books – another wildly successful Spectacular.

Tuesday we had a bit of rain, but made the best of it. Individual Tournaments got underway including doubles tennis, doubles newcomb, one on one trampball, a Baggo tourney and 3 on 3 hoops for the Juniors and Seniors.  During the rain, we held a GaGa tournament in the Big House.  The sun popped out around dinner and we got in 2 more blocks.

Moving into the last day, Ole Miss held a slight lead on Cornell with Northwestern and Michigan breathing down their necks. There were a ton of points still out there. In the Tug o War, Cornell took down the prize, while Michigan stayed strong in the Individual Tournaments.  The final event is always the Song and Skit Competition and the teams put on some great performances.  Some good songs by Ole Miss, Northwestern played to High School Musical, Michigan used the Book of Mormon, while Cornell played up the “nerd” theme. But the winner was North Texas lead by Eli Schrayer, Payton Don and Ari Brooks, putting on a fine performance with some great songs.  It was a terrific night which culminated with the final results announced in the Council Ring.

The runaway winner was Aaron Rosen’s and David Zarge’s Cornell Big Red, lead by the number 1 overall pick, Jack Rosenberg, “junior” Eli Zawatsky, Michael Simon and Jackson Unikel.  The other members of the winning squad include Noah Glazier, Adam Goldberg, Kyle Simon, Ethan Moroh, Louis Rosenberg, Justin Hertzberg, Ezra Wallach, Ben Falk, David Leshem, Alex Cohen, and Harrison Menaker.  Congrats to Cornell on a great Spectacular.

That pretty much wraps up First Session. About 40 guys head home on one bus on Friday while about 90 kids await their parents’ arrival for Parents Weekend. We will be packing in the morning and keeping the kids active in the afternoon ahead of the Big Pow Wow to cap the evening and session.

More to come….