Camp Kawaga Blog

Wrapped up a crazy, busy, fun first day of Second Session. The invasion hit at 4 pm and it was great to see a full load of campers altogether on the hill by the Omni to get started with Second Session. Cabins were announced, health checks performed and we got (mostly) unpacked.  By tomorrow, everyone will be all settled in and ready to go.

We had a long unpacking session, got everyone some dinner, announced the many Big Brothers for all our new campers and Rookie Campers – over 60 in all!!!  It made for a long dinner, but all worthwhile. We squeezed in an hour of fun with our EP – Message to Garcia. A fun, active program with lots of running around to get some of that energy out.

It is now all dark and quiet with the boys all tucked in for the night.  We will have Club sign up in the morning and the boys will get started with their first clubs.  We will hand out all that great Kawaga gear in the afternoon.  CITs are off for their luxury sailing trip after lunch – so jealous – and Group 1 will be trying out a guided white water kayaking trip on Tuesday. Very fun stuff for them.

As always, lots going on here on the Shores!! We will keep you in the loop as the summer progresses.

More to come…