Camp Kawaga Blog

And like that…. its gone – Week 5 in the books.  We have had some amazing weather – very hot and humid, but super sunny and perfect for all of our water activities. We have been in the water non-stop, especially in the afternoon. A great week of clubs and leagues and we are all good to go.  Unfortunately the 1 week Rookie Campers head home tomorrow. We will miss the crew – a group of really great kids. Out of our 7 one weekers, 2 are staying and 2 more asked to stay but are busy with other things. Already 8 of our 2 week Rookies have asked to stay for the session. A great sign that the Rookie program is working for those boys that need it!!

We have had several great EPs – 2 nights ago we played All Camp Stratego – a game adapted from the board game. It got the campers running all over camp. Last night we had our Counselor Hunt with a Pixar theme.  Every counselor was a Pixar movie character, and hid all over camp. The campers went on a search and caught the counselors for Kawaga Kash for their cabins.  More fun in store for tonight with lots of group (age) games for all the boys as we continue to enjoy the great weather. Finally supposed to cool down tomorrow which we definitely are OK with after nearly 90 degree temperatures each of the past 4 days.

The boys are doing great and camp has a terrific vibe going! Looking forward to the small Pow Wow on Sunday night and seeing over 60 Chips at the Chippewa camp site.

More to come…