Camp Kawaga Blog

As we roll into our third day of the Blue Gold Cup, the weather has turned rainy and we are makings moves to keep the boys busy.  The last two days have been pretty incredible, with a whole bunch of firsts for our camp and the campers.

Dewey and I wanted to really do something fun and different to introduce the teams and the Cup off to a great start. We enlisted the help of some outside resources, namely a plane from Lakeland airport.  We were able to rent out the plane, and one of counselors hopped in for ride in the back seat.  The single prop airplane flew low over Kawaga (about 150 feet) and we dropped blue and gold ping pong balls onto and near our tennis courts while the campers watched in awe from Diamond 1.  The balls dropped and bounced around and the campers scrambled to find the ball with their name on it which told them their team for the Cup.  It was an amazing start.

From there, everyone figured out their teammates, received their team shirt, and we jumped right into tug o’ war.  After a close battle, Blue campers came out on top for the first event.  We then invited the teams to decorate their side of the Mess Hall for Spirit points, and we got quite the crazy Mess Hall from all of their work.  Since then, we have been playing lots of games, while mixing in some Open Areas and wrapping up Cup competition.  Tennis Cup wrapped up with some great matches (3 age groups), including Brett Schwartz defeating Brandon Koretz and Sammy Field getting by Gordie Greenberg in the Finals with Michael Simon taking 3rd, and Jack Madison defeated his good friend Arie Tuckerman as well.  Great effort and sportsmanship was shown by all the participants. The rest of the Cup results are announced at Banquet Night on Thursday.

As for the BG Cup, we continue with rounds today as we try to maneuver around the rain. Last night there was an ALL CAMP Capture the Flag game won by Gold, and the Gold team went first in the famous All-Night Treasure Hunt. It is a close competition right now, so we are excited to see how everything wraps up tomorrow afternoon.

More to come…