Camp Kawaga Blog

An amazing Parents Weekend draws to a close. We had great weather and the parents, staff and campers sent a great vibe through the Shores all weekend.  We are so happy so many of you were able to join us, and know you enjoyed the day here.

The clear highlight of this morning was the two speeches by our staff members AJ Roberts (Ski Director) and Burt Chaikin (11 years, 3rd year counselor). I am going to email the speeches out to everyone as well because so many people asked for it.  I am also attaching the written version here for everyone to read and pass along. If you did not have the opportunity to hear these speeches please take the time to read what they passed along to our families today. They really were amazing and help explain just what makes Kawaga so special.

Burt’s speech – Parents Weekend Sermon

AJ’s speech – AJ Roberts’ speech