Camp Kawaga Blog

We are wrapping things up here at Kawaga. Summer goes way too fast. But we are ending things on a very positive note.  The Blue Gold Cup was a nail biter right down to the very end. It was a close competition the entire way, the Blue team leading from start to finish, but never by more than 100 points. On the last day, that lead was just 20.  The teams knew that whoever won the Super Duper Relay would be the outright winner of the Cup, so Tuesday afternoon was pretty intense and fun.

The Super Duper Relay lasts about 4 hours, with every camper competing in an at least one if not two events.  There is lots of running, biking, swimming, but really every single area in camp is used at least once if not several times.  Just like the rest of the Cup, the Relay came down to the very end.  Each team pulled ahead with a lead of a few minutes at various points, but no one really made a substantial lead. In the end, the teams were tied, both doing the boil water boil event at the same time – 2 Oneidas have to make a fire using a single match, and then get a pot of water to boil over.  The Gold team made it there 2nd, but finished the boil first. However, they had a 4 min penalty for using 3 matches to light their fire, and that was enough for Blue, who had a 2 min penalty of their own, to leave just ahead of Gold. At the end, Blue won by a mere 30 seconds to take the Cup and receive their winning bracelets.  What a great competition!!!

The Blue Gold Cup was also notable for an unreal All Night Oneida Treasure Hunt.  The theme of the Hunt was the resurrection of several of Kawaga’s legends. In a mind bending whodunit, we had the Oneidas going all over the place as they discovered some dark secrets about Kawaga’s past.  It was an amazing Hunt that will be remembered for a long time.

With the BG Cup coming to an end, we had a nice day today of League playoffs and open areas.  We are about to get our last Big Pow Wow of the summer started, so I have to run. I will blog one or two more times as we wrap up camp here.

More to come…