Camp Kawaga Blog

After a hard fought day of competition – Kawaga comes out on top again 37-25 in competition!!  It was a great day all around. At Kawaga, the Seniors and Juniors simply dominated.  All day long, our braves were just too much – football was a sweep here, and 10-2 overall through all ages. Hoops, same kind of thing, volleyball… you name it, our boys took care of business. Even softball, which is the other camp’s main sport, our boys stood tall. Including Senior B softball winning big, 16-6, lead by the bat of Joey Reinsdorf, and Senior A winning in extra innings on a walk off hit by Zach Freud.  I had the pleasure to coach an awesome Junior C basketball team that played great together. Lead by David Leshem, Tyler Moses, and the new “round mound of rebound” Charlie Fox, they overwhelmed and won big, but were great sports about it.

I am most proud because true to the Kawaga Ideal, our boys showed great sportsmanship all day long, and were humble in victory always.  It was fun to watch the boys compete, have a smile on their face, and genuinely enjoy the Kawaga Spirit.  In the end, a fun and exciting day. And we move on for an even better day tomorrow… but it is a big secret, so I cannot tell you anything about it until it happens. Stay tuned… More to come..