Camp Kawaga Blog

We are in full swing of the Spectacular – 8 college teams of 15-16 campers of all ages are competing for the coveted plaque that will hang in the Mess Hall for all time!  To say the least, this is the activity that the boys look forward to all summer and winter.  8 teams headed up by 2 counselor coaches are duking it out – Cornell, U of North Texas, Michigan, Ole Miss, San Diego State, Coastal Carolina, Northwestern and Indiana – for the glory!!

Sunday night we had one block of games after introducing the teams just to get their beaks wet. Some great games, including a triple OT football thiller won by the Michigan Juniors led by Benny Taxman and Sam Randman over Northwestern (great game by Michael Menaker in the defeat).  We had our last small pow wow of first session to wrap up the night, and use that to remind the boys about sportsmanship and not bringing any of the competition back to the cabins at the end of the night.

Monday was a full day of blocks (head to head sports) and the start of Track and Field and swimming. Some great close races. Fastest Senior camper went to Mikey Sap in the 50 yd dash with great showings by Jack Zucker and Jonah Moroh.  It was HOT but the boys had fun. The swimming events were great as well as the juniors took to the water. Great swimming by Matthew Kisin and Eli Zawatsky who due to some great drafting was swimming as a junior for the meet. At night we played Spectacular Crossfire – 8 teams went head to head in a massive game of dodgeball.  Literally balls flying from all directions as some strong alliances were formed for the game.  Northwestern took the title with some smart, if not boring alliance strategy (ie you dont get me out, I won’t get you). Also good showings by Ole Miss, SDSU and North Texas.

After Day 2, Indiana was in the lead… more to come