Camp Kawaga Blog

As the saying goes, “time flies when you are having fun.” Well at camp, that phrase takes on a whole new meaning. Since we are always having fun at camp, and in a big way, camp goes by at light speed. Here we are, just wrapped up Week 3 officially and it feels like we just got started in so many ways. Because of all of the great activities we do all summer long, we seem to have just too few “regular days” at camp sometimes. Take this week, Monday competition with Timberlane, Wed. competition with Ojibwa, Friday was the 4th of July which included 2 Senior v Counselors softball games AND a hike to town to watch the Minocqua Bats with Agawak and see the fireworks.

Oh yeah, and then last night we woke the kids at night and took them to town for the Midnight Movie, and today (after a late, late sleep) we started the 30th annual Kawaga Spectacular. And this was considered mainly a “normal week” as we got a full week of  clubs in and all and even had a few day of of

Wow – busy and full week to say the least, but an awesome one as we prepare for the final days of First Session. The Spectacular promises to be a great way to wrap up Week 4 and send the First Four week campers home with a smile. The Spectacular is generally every campers favorite event. Boys are split up into 8 college teams. and play head to head in sports, relay races, tug o’ war and much more. They were super excited today to find out their teams and receive their team shirt. Off we go on a great 3 day adventure!!

As we creep into Week 4, we are sad to see the four weekers go and hope they will all return next summer for 8 weeks. At the same time, we are psyched for Parents Weekend and the start of Second Session with the influx of new, young campers. It will take camp to a whole additional level in spirit, enthusiasm and energy.

Dewey and I are excited to see all of the parents next weekend and celebrate 100 years will all of you. Should be a great time for all. However you are getting here, be safe. We will be keeping busy all week until then.

Until next time!!!