Camp Kawaga Blog

I am so excited to have our first camper blog entry this winter! A few weeks back I asked our campers to submit Pineneedle articles to share with our camp families. We hope to be posting more of these in anticipation of summer (which is a bit tough to imagine given our wintry weather!).

As you’ll read below, Jono, age 11, writes about his first-day jitters and how he kept homesickness at bay. I love Jono’s story, because he’s so honest in describing his feelings. Even our most seasoned campers can feel a bit of homesickness. But, it always fades fast at Camp Kawaga. As Jono points out, there’s always people to help and “too much fun” to be had.

Jono, thanks for submitting your article. And, for you other Braves, we’d love to receive and publish your stories and articles. So, email me ( with yours. And, if we post your article to our blog you’ll earn points toward Mawanda or Sachem.



My name is Jonathan

I’m 11 years old, from Highland Park, Illinois

The summer of 2015, was my first Kawaga summer.


When I signed up, I was worried that I was going to get homesick and it would be hard to make new friends. I went to father-son weekend with my dad and I was very nervous the entire car ride. We drove down the long road into camp, wondering if I was going to have fun. The first person I met was a counselor, Jack, and he made me feel welcome because it was his first summer too. I went up the hill and I thought, I could like it here.

I went into my cabin to see if anyone was home and I met Sam and Alex and those first new friends made me think, it’s going to be a great summer, and I was right. I thought it was going to be hard but I was so lucky to make a lot of great friends in a very short period of time. I was so happy for the entire father son weekend. It was the best.

When it was time for my dad to leave, I got very nervous again and wondered if I was going to get home sick. We all went to the Rec Hall to do lip syncing karaoke, then the buses pulled up with the first four week campers. I ran to greet them. Little did I know, that I would have the best camp experience of my life and I know I made the greatest decision to go.

For the entire 4 weeks, I never got homesick because I was having way too much fun with my friends, the counselors and the best camp. So if you ever think that you will get homesick, trust me you will have way too much fun to think about it. If I ever started to get the homesick feeling, I just thought about all the awesome things we did that day and I can’t wait to hear revelry again.