Camp Kawaga Blog

Seriously!!! Already!!!! Camp needs to be about 3 weeks longer. I know we have to send the boys to school, but camp just goes too fast. It has been a terrific summer here on the Shores. The last week is always a mix of lots of activity and a bit of sadness as we try to not countdown the last days of summer.

This past week was a great one here. The Oneidas got to paintball, Group 1’s went to Noah’s Ark, and we wrapped up a successful summer of camping trips. We had our last normal week of camp, started and completed most League Playoffs and Cups (individual tournaments by age), and got into the Blue Gold Cup starting on Saturday. Personally, I love the Blue Gold Cup – as a counselor in the 90’s I coached 7 years in a row – probably a record as not all staff members are as enthusiastic about being 1 of only a handful of coaches for 80-100 campers. I loved the competition and the All Night Treasure Hunts for sure, but more I loved the kids getting their spirits high and running around like crazy for those last couple days of camp. It helps the boys not waste a day,and keeps that sadness of heading home at bay.

Some random camp thoughts as we move into Week 8:

It is funny making announcements this last week. Every time we say it is the “last time” of something, the announcement gets “booed” by everyone. Even today when we announced the last laundry day – boos came pouring down.  The boys love camp!!

Kawaga campers are great sportsmen. We are playing competition all day these last few days. The boys are playing hard for their respective team. But it begins and ends on the court/field and then is over. I love that about Kawaga.

Kawaga Staff ROCKS. The thought and effort of the guys running the Hunt, then the coaches staying up all night encouraging their campers even though they are not permitted to participate, and everyone back to their assignments the next morning.

Finally, the hardest thing for Dewey and I about ending the summer, other than losing the benefit of a full time nanny 🙂 ,  is the suddenness of it all. We are going and going, Blue Gold Cup, Staff Show, Final Big Pow Wow, then suddenly we pack and say good bye in one day, and Friday morning the Shores are a ghost town. It is eerily quiet.

Despite it being the end of summer, I am very excited about this final week. One Social Media note, we held off on the video this week Sunday to have one final video for you all on Wednesday which will include the conclusion of the Blue Gold Cup.

More from the Shores… Until next time…