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We had a great Parents Weekend here on the Shores!! Thank you to all of the families for attending and sharing camp with us. During Saturday’s service we made some exciting announcements about some things going on at camp in the summers  (and offseasons) to come. Here is a slimmed down version of my Weekend speech:

Matt’s Comments: Parents Weekend 2015

Good morning. Thank you for being here today. We’ve had nothing short of a great offseason and summer at Camp Kawaga. We’re excited to share Kawaga with you today and also share some exciting news about our future. First, on behalf of Dewey, myself, and the Fisher Family, thank you for your enthusiastic support and — most importantly — for entrusting us with your boys.

alumni photo

The summer of 2015 got off to a roaring start. After another fun and successful Alumni Weekend, we welcomed our largest Father-Son Weekend crowd ever — some 135 happy dads, uncles and sons spent Fathers Day weekend with us. That success — combined with two full Rookie Camps and our highest camp attendance in many years — is so appreciated and important. It’s clear that are our boys are happy, as are our Kawaga families. We hope your boys tell you this weekend how much fun they’ve been having, and that you see the good ways in which they’ve grown – even in just 4 weeks. At Kawaga, that’s what we’re about — learning life values through fun and activities, and helping boys to grow into good young men. Thank you for this support. What you share with others about Kawaga is the best way to assure that we’ll continue to grow and be vibrant. You remain our best advocates, and for that we are ever so grateful.

As we head into our second century of camping, Kawaga remains strong. What we stand for is timeless and relevant. Still, we will never sit back and rest on our laurels. As you walk around camp today and simply look all around you, I’m hoping that you noticed the concerted effort we are making to the physical appearance of Kawaga. We have done some tremendous landscaping here along D1 and throughout camp. We’ve also built brand new Marina and Sunset Docks. There’s even new signage throughout camp. As we move ahead, the Fishers, along with Pete Zollo, Dewey and I, have made some important decisions over this past year that we are very excited to share with you at this time.

I’m happy to announce that these investments that you see throughout camp are part of a bigger plan. And, Moms — what I’m going to announce next might matter to you even more than to your sons: the day after camp ends this summer, we’re tearing down the bathrooms, (which we at Kawaga call “Egypts”). And we’re also tearing down the small shower house while completely remodeling the large showerhouse. In those same spots, we will begin construction of brand new bathroom and shower facilities! They’ll be Kawaga-style, for sure — meaning that with everything we’re doing, we’re being careful to preserve and build on the unique character of our camp. Again, these improvements are just part of our bigger plan for an even more beautiful and better Kawaga.

Let me tell you about one more major improvement that we’re just starting to plan — something that you’ll probably see two summers from now: An expanded, beautifully renovated Mess Hall, that will boast a brand new and much bigger camp kitchen with all the trappings! And, you know what? And, while we’re at it, we’re also going to re-do the Omni, our main basketball court!

All great things to look forward to as we continue to invest in, plan for and celebrate Kawaga’s next 100 years!! We again thank you all for you being here and hope you enjoy your time with your sons and family.

And, remember: Be Kawaga!