Camp Kawaga Blog

I can’t believe that this is my last blog of the summer! I would first like to thank all of you, for sharing your boys with us this summer. I have watched them grow, learn and accomplish many things during the last 8 weeks, and it has been nothing short of AMAZING!

On  Thursday night we will hold our annual Banquet Night. I will sit in the front of the room as we hand out all of our honor trophies and awards, and tears will fill my eyes (In fact I will probably have to tell myself to get it together, so not to embarrass myself too much!). I just feel like such a proud mother, I can’t help myself. I thought I would share with you my final words of summer, which I will read during this night.

Enjoy, and thank you again for your support,



I can hardly believe that the summer is over; I just don’t feel ready for it to end! I know your parents are counting down the hours and minutes until you arrive back home and waiting for you to finally tell them everything you did at camp this summer!

I know you will tell them all about the Blue/Gold Cup and the All Night Treasure Hunt. You will probably tell them about the clubs that you took, the sports that you played, if you got up on skis, caught a fish or made a bulls-eye at archery. You will tell them about your counselors and your cabin mates, the new friends you made and all the silly and memorable stuff that happened over the last 4 or 8 weeks. You are leaving here with such great memories to share, and laugh about for months or years to come.

But did you know that you are leaving with so much more? Beyond all the activities you did, and games that you played, each day you were growing as a person. Here at camp you gained confidence and independence. You learned to help yourself and help others. You solved problems on your own and helped others solve problems too. You were leaders and goal setters. Risk takers and adventurers. Your were good friends and role models to each other, you cheered each other on and picked each other up. And for that I am so proud of each and every one of you.

Do not let it stop here. When you get home, share your memories, but also all the other things you accomplished this summer. Throughout the year I want you to remember to…Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Humble, Be a goal setter, Be Adventurous, Be a Leader, Be You, but most of all …Be Kawaga.