Camp Kawaga Blog

Here we go Kawaga, here we go!! Go Kawaga, beat Ojibwa! It is 7:30am and the Chants and Cheers are already echoing through the air, it’s competition day!!!

I love Competition day! The spirit, enthusiasm, fellowship,sportsmanship and leadership shine brightly on competition day here at Kawaga. Kawaga colors worn with pride, pump up music and pep-talks, I love them! Campers are rearing to go, it is the only morning they do not mind waking up early all summer.

“Competition” and  the concept of “competitive games” has such a negative rep these days, and we have heard through the grapevine that some think of our camp as too “competitive.”  That is just not the case. We have a healthy approach towards playing games which lifts the boys self-confidence and creates great bonds between the campers. Here at Kawaga everyone who wants to play, plays.You do not need to be the most athletic or an all-star you just have to like to play for your camp and be a part of a team. Who doesn’t love to play?

To be part of a team is so important, just think of all the life lessons you learn just from being on a team!!  Today our campers will cheer, chant, hive-five, laugh and have fun. Today they will learn to be proud and unbending in defeat, and humble and gentle in victory. Leadership and sportsmanship will be at an all time high. And win or lose it will be a good time had by all.

When the day is done and we all gather for dinner, stories will be told of the days games. Each recap told by the counselors will make me smile, because whether the game was won or lost, campers will be proud when it is their team getting the shout out. And the best part and one of my all time favorite cheers, will ring from the mess hall….WE STILL GO KAWAGA, WE STILL GO KAWAGA!

Gotta run, I have some teams to cheer on!!!