Camp Kawaga Blog

I can’t believe it is week 4! I can’t believe that camp is half over, and that we will be sending our 1st session campers home on Friday!! For you first session parents you are probably counting the days until your son arrives home and the 8 week parents can’t wait to come visit! For us here at camp we just want time to SLOW DOWN!!

First Session was amazing!  Your campers will come home or see you over the weekend and tell you all about the mid-night movie, the socials, Spectacular and the great EP’s every night.  While I love all those things too, it is the small things that happen everyday that make camp so amazing!

For example, this week we had several campers ask to stay 8 weeks. When we get the okay from the parent, Matt makes an announcement over the PA, “Attention Camp Kawaga, (Insert camper’s name) is staying 8 weeks!” You then hear cheers echo throughout the camp. The smile on the camper’s face is priceless!

Another amazing and heartwarming moment I witnessed was during another bay swim. A camper, Ben S., was waiting for just the right moment to swim the bay. When he finally decided to get in that water and swim, he grabbed his counselor and off they went. Matt and I headed down to the waterfront to watch, a few moments later his entire cabin came down to the dock to cheer him on. They chanted his name as he swam the final yards to the dock, with a huge smile, he made it and was greeted with high-fives and praise! I said “You did it, you should be so proud!” He said “I was just scared, but it wasn’t so bad.” I mean A-mazing!! Who wouldn’t want a huge support group to help you conquer your fear!! His next move…the very next day, he skied around the bay!

Everyday our campers are setting goals for themselves and working hard to accomplish them. Everyday I see the support they get from their peers. Whether it is a cabin cleaning their cabin for a “perfect” so a fellow cabinmate will get the extra points for Mawanda or Sachem, or another camper sitting and helping a fellow camper memorize the Ideal. It is in these moments, and there are so many more I could share that I am so proud of our campers and so proud to be a part of the Kawaga Family.

For those parents who have campers coming home this weekend, I thank you for sharing your son with us this summer. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and watching them grow here at camp! For you 8 week parents, I look forward to seeing you this weekend and discussing all of your son’s accomplishments.  But most of all, I am so happy to have 4 more weeks of all these “little” things  🙂

Gotta run don’t want to miss any little things!!